Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014!

It's the end of 2014 and it's been a pretty tough year for me and my family. I'm not sorry to say goodbye to this year, at all! I am so hopeful for the new year and am praying for a better year all the way around.

When I look back over this year, there are so many sad moments. I lost little Holly

and sweet Sammy 

I've had 5 surgeries, countless infections, several hospitalizations, and new health issues. It has truly been one challenge after another.

I've learned a lot about people and about myself. I have weaknesses in areas I didn't realize I have and I have strengths I didn't know I have. I've learned that my husband is a tireless giver and care provider, who loves me beyond measure. I've learned that my children are selfless and caring even when I'm falling apart.

I've also had some really sweet and special moments. I have this new little girl who gives me such joy!

Miss Mitzi

I've been blessed with a core group of friends who have checked on me all the time and given me so much love and encouragement. You find when something like this happens that you'll have people who give of themselves tirelessly to love on you, and I have been so blessed by these women in my life. My family and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas and it did not ever leave my mind that I might not have been here to celebrate with my family.

Most of all, I have seen the hand of God in my life throughout this whole year. From the moment that the orthopedic surgeon cut my artery, God was there, with His mighty hand on me, orchestrating me to get to the best vascular surgeon in my state to have a bypass done, which in turn saved my leg and my life. I've also been blessed to have this same surgeon take care of me and help get me well.

Yes, 2014 has been a tough year in so many ways, but to see all that God has done for me and how He has worked in my life, was amazing and awesome. I am thankful to have been here for 2014 and I'm looking forward to all God has for me in 2015!

Happy New Year!!

Blessings - Julie

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  1. Yes, this year has been ultra challenging for you! You have such a good attitude Julie. God bless you this year!


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