Thursday, February 5, 2015

Impatient to Heal!

I'm still healing, which is a good thing, but I'm very impatient! Once the stitches came out, I've became suddenly full of impatience about them healing completely - and now! lol The biggest delay to my healing is my tiredness. I know this is totally normal, after the year I had. I also can't walk very well or very far, even around my house, but it does make for very difficult days when I want to get things done! I know God is really teaching me about patience and trusting in Him alone. I've had to fully rely on Him through this whole year and it has strengthened my faith in many ways. It's also teaching me to have grace for myself when I can't do very much because of my leg, my knee, and the fact I can't walk much.

I've had a lot of tired days, but on the days that I feel good, I've been working on my art journal and my faith journal. I've had to give myself some grace because I'm already behind on both. I'm part of an online group for both journals where we get weekly prompts for our journals. In the past, I would have been full of anxiety about being behind, but now I just relax and do the best I can.

My faith journal is in the drawing stage right now so I don't have a picture to show of it right now, but will share it very soon.

I was working on my shawl when I realized, with horror, that I didn't have enough of the yarn I was using. Hubby took me and my sample to Hobby Lobby, where I had bought it, but the color lot was totally different and I couldn't find anything that matched even remotely. I ended up choosing an aqua color but that didn't look good at all. So back to Hobby Lobby where I chose a dark purple. I think it's going to look quite lovely, but it's a good reminder to myself to always make sure I buy enough of the yarn in the right dye-lot! Here's a picture of it so far.

I'll put the gorgeous border on in the next few days and then share a picture of it. I'm really hoping the dark purple will look as good as I think it will.

Blessings - Julie

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  1. Oh, it looking great to me!
    Hang in there. I am praying for you!


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