Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What I've Been Up To

It's been a busy two weeks. Both my sons had birthdays (within 5 days of each other) and we celebrated each special day. I am so thankful to have these wonderful days with my sons. I don't take any of these days for granted. We went to Red Lobster for my oldest son and Peter Piper Pizza for my youngest. Quite a difference in choices and perfectly describes each of my sons. Both days were very nice and we all enjoyed being together.

I've had some very hard days the past two weeks. I've been having some very exhausting days again and also have had a bout of diverticulitis again. I'm so very careful about what I eat and have no idea how this happened. I went to the doctor and have antibiotics but also found out that Slippery Elm is a really good thing to take for this. My doctor agreed that it was a good idea so I'll be praying that this helps me not to have these problems again.

I pulled out an Easter cross stitch that I haven't finished and I'm hoping to get it done before Easter. I have a good start on it so, hopefully, I'll be finishing it soon. It's a Shepherd's Bush kit called "Three Pale Eggs". I've also been working on some crocheted things for my son's friend and his wife. They are having a baby very soon and I wanted to make some things for them. It's so fun to crochet for babies!

Many blessings to you - Julie


  1. Hi Julie! Hope the meds are working for you & that they work fast!!! Shepherds Bush has such lovely charts.
    Can't wait to see your progress on your new start.
    Babies are always fun to create for:) love Annette

  2. Oh Julie. I am sorry you are suffering so. I am glad to hear you were able to get out with the family and celebrate.

  3. Ok, found the update...nothing on your face book and so I hunted you down♥

  4. Ok, I need to hear from you...Diane and I have been sharing that you have been far too quiet ((hugs))


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