Friday, June 12, 2015

It's All About The Mitz!

Little Mitzi has had to be left at home more than usual without her Mommy. I've had a lot of doctor appointments lately and so she stays home with my youngest son, who takes good care of her. She does pretty well because she has her friend, Cookie, to snuggle and play with. On the day I had to go to the big city, my son sent me this picture of Mitzi

Look at that little face. She's waiting patiently for her mommy to get home. When I do get home, she is furious with me for being gone and barks like crazy at me in a very terse tone.  I always know she's going to chew me out for leaving her behind. LOL

I took this picture of her just before we went to bed. She sleeps in her bed in my bed. I started that with her when I first brought her home and she is so used to it, she can't sleep without her bed now. I've tried to get her to sleep in bed without it, but she is very restless and never settles down.

She has her little Lamp Chop toy with her. This has become her favorite toy and we call it "Lammie". If I tell her to go get Lammie, she knows exactly what I'm talking about and gets her Lamb Chop. We found this cute toy at Target and I think I need to get another one in case this one gets torn apart. She would be lost without her Lammie. :)

Hope you enjoyed this update on Mitzi. It really is all about her and she knows it!

Blessings - Julie

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