Tuesday, October 13, 2015

31 Days of Hope - October 12

Some of us have been so blessed to have a Daddy who loves us. Unfortunately, there are those of us who haven't had a Daddy who cared about us like we would have liked. I'm one of the fortunate ones. My Daddy loved me and still does! I am his little girl, even though I'm 53 years old! I remember one time I said to him, "Dad, I'm not your little girl anymore!" He got this funny look on his face and said, "You'll always be MY little girl!" When I think of this now, it brings tears to my eyes because it's so true and it makes me feel so loved!

This is my Daddy and I when I'm about three years old - GOSH - 50 years ago!! Okay - we didn't need to go there!

I always felt secure with my Daddy. I was never afraid as long as he was around.

Normally, I would have been afraid to be on this ski lift, but I was with my Dad, so all was okay!

Here we are in our front yard. It must be early Spring because there's still snow on the ground behind us. We're obviously going somewhere special because we're both dressed nice. lol

There was nothing better than snuggles with my Daddy. My Dad was "old school" so he didn't show his emotions a lot, but he would do more so with me.

I always wanted to be like my Daddy. He read a lot so I did, too. He was, and is, my hero.

The Lord is like my Daddy. He cares about us and makes us feel safe. He loves us unconditionally and we will always be his children - even when we're 53 or older! God wants us to long to be like Him and I do long for that. I want to be more and more like Jesus every day. I never will be like Jesus but I pray I can love and care for others as He does.

Even if you didn't have a Dad like mine, you have a Father in heaven who loves you more than anything! That is really what our HOPE is all about. Being able to trust in our heavenly Father, knowing that He loves us so much and will never leave us. I pray that you will have that HOPE in your life!

Blessings - Julie


  1. sounds like a wonderful dad, love you.

  2. Aww, Julie. I am so very glad for you. I did NOT have a Daddy like that. I had a very bad, rough childhood. My father was very, very abusive. My mother almost died once. She was in a coma for three days. It took many decades to forgive him. I always regret that I never told him I forgave him. We did not see or speak with him for many years. He died alone.

  3. Julie, I am really enjoying your hope posts. I especially like this one 😊. I had a dad like that too and I amiss him more today than ever. You're pictures are adorable! (((Hugs)))


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