Thursday, October 15, 2015

31 Days of Hope - October 15

I'm having some really tired days! Last night I was up all night until 5 am, so is it any wonder? Part of it's age, part of it is pain. The only good thing was that my hubby was up, too, and we sat and had a midnight snack and watched old game shows together. We can always make the best of a bad situation.

When we're tired, though, it can cause our HOPE to get foggy, too. It's easy to see the gloomy side of things when we're tired and it's a time that satan will double his attacks. I have to really be in prayer during these tired days - short, heart-felt prayers help a lot. When you're tired, you don't always have the energy to pray long prayers. God hears our little prayers, too!

   Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer.
Romans 12:12
I love this Scripture. It puts in a nutshell exactly what we need to do when we are afflicted. Whether inflicted in pain, a situation in our lives that we find it hard to deal with, or insomnia, or something else, God tells us to be patient. Then he tells us to rejoice in our HOPE! When we have HOPE we can rejoice, right? Finally, and most important, we must be persistent in prayer. 

I love how God gives us exactly what we need to do in His Word. God is so good and loving! I'm so thankful that my HOPE is in Him alone!

Blessings - Julie


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