Wednesday, November 4, 2015

30 Thankful Days

We had rain all day today and it has suddenly turned quite cold! I've been in my warm pajamas all day and have napped off and on. This morning, Mitzi was quite restless and if I'm really tired, my hubs will come let her out if I text him (I told you he was great, didn't I?). He's a early riser and I'm not so he's always willing to let that little girl out in the mornings when I'm tired. Anyway, I was so tired, I wanted to sleep longer so grabbed my phone to text him, looked at the time and about passed out! It was 12:13 pm! Yes, afternoon! I decided it was time to get up and took her out myself. I understood why that little girl was so restless! She really needed to go out and it was so late! I still felt tired and my hubby did, too. I don't know if it's the change in weather or what but I'm hoping tomorrow is better in the tired department! I will say that I am so thankful that I can sleep if I need to!

This is day 3 of being thankful and here's what I'm the most thankful for.

The Word of God! This is my Bible and I love it and am so thankful for it! This is a fairly new Bible and it's the Holman Christian Study Bible in color. It's just amazing. I love all the colored maps, charts and information throughout this Bible. I also like this translation and researched about it before I bought it. It's the closest to the original Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek, which was important to me.

My time spent in God's Word is so refreshing and I'm thankful that I can have peace because of my salvation in Christ. There's nothing better!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Amen! Yes, I am truly enjoying reading the Holy Bible daily.

  2. great Bible. I mailed your books Monday.


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