Monday, April 4, 2016

Counting Our Blessings - LinkUp!

It was a nice week here this past week. The weather was crazy but that's normal for the end of March and start of April. We went from cold, cold weather to really hot today. You just never know!

37. We celebrated our Easter last Tuesday and it was so nice! I made ham, Potatoes au Gratin from this recipe HERE. Oh, my goodness! They were so good. I have made a lot of the Pioneer Woman's recipes and have never been disappointed. We had fresh Asparagus, too, and it was wonderful. It was so nice to have family time and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus.

38.  I have been working on eating better and eating more fresh foods that are better for me. I found this recipe and although it doesn't look too good, it is very good! They are called Cucumber Boats and they have spinach, ham, whipped cream cheese, onions, and bell pepper mixed up and then put inside the seeded cucumbers. My family thinks they look disgusting but looks can be deceiving!  They are super yummy!

39.  I have been working on my large cross stitch piece again and here's an update on that. It's really helped moving my stand to the living room as I'm working on it every evening. 

I'm working on the leg and arm, now, and soon the little bear will be done and I can move on to the next area.

40.  I'm doing daily Scripture writing. It's a list you can find HERE. I love sitting down and writing out Scripture. The process of writing it out helps me to really focus on it and focus on what it truly says. Here's the first day in my notebook...

I found these wonderful pens at WalMart called Ink Joy Gel pens. They are a dream to write with! I love the Ink Joy ballpoint pens but these are just exceptional. The gel ink writes really smoothly and no smearing. I do love pens!

Share your post on the link-up below! It's a blessing to have you share your posts here. Thank you!

Blessings - Julie


  1. As always - thanks for the party.

  2. I am glad things are going well Julie. I am off to the pain doctor shortly.


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