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Book Review and Giveaway - Jilted


Lynda Turner has struggled with depression since her husband abandoned her and their young daughter fifteen years ago.

Yet unexpected hope awakens when a local ex-convict shows interest. As long-hidden secrets resurface, Lynda must fight for her emotional stability and for a life where the shadow of shame is replaced by the light of love.

Jilted tells of a woman who has lost the joy of living, a man determined to draw her back toward happiness, and a town that must---once and for all---leave the past where it belongs. It is a gentle reminder that all things can work together for good.


Varina Denman is author of the Mended Hearts series and a native Texan. She spent her high school years in a rural town and now writes stories about the struggles women face in similar small town settings. She and her husband live near Fort Worth, where they enjoy spending time with their five mostly grown children.

Jilted Varina Denman


This is the third book of the "Mended Heart" series. Although you won't be lost by reading this book first, trust me when I tell you you'll definitely want to read the first two books. Doing so will set up this book nicely for you and help you to understand all the rumors and mysteries in this book.

Lynda is a woman who has been fighting depression since her husband left her with a small child. She has felt abandoned and protects her heart at all costs. She is a loner who longs to reach out but is too afraid to do so. She works at the diner but you get the feeling she would be a hermit if finances would allow her to be. She's that broken.

Then we have Clyde - a man out of prison for a crime he didn't commit but for whom anything and everything is blamed on because he's an ex-con. I really like him and give him so much credit for holding his head high despite the things that are said about him. He's a man with a heart of gold who sees through Lynda's hard shell to her softness beneath.

The book opens with them finding bones out at the lake of a human. This opens the whole mystery that solves so many things that have happened to Lynda and Clyde and others in the community. It basically turns the little town on it's ear but, with the sunlight on these mysteries, things are able to heal. This book deals with forgiveness in a very profound way.

I love the characters of this book. They are flawed people who are searching for truth and justice, just like all of us. I could really relate to Lynda and some of the feelings she had. I could look past the hurt to the longing for love and friendship below and totally relate to her.

I absolutely loved this series! Jilted is the perfect book for the series to end on. It was satisfying and I hated when the last page was finished. These characters will not leave me anytime soon! I highly recommend this book as I know you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by LitFuse Publicity Group

Blessings - Julie

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  1. Julie, thank you for reading and reviewing Jilted and the Mended Hearts series. Your words are such an encouragement to me. Much appreciated! :)


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