Monday, June 6, 2016

Psalm 3

I love Psalm 3! It has one of the most beautiful and comforting verses in the Bible, as far as I'm concerned. Verse 3 says, "But You, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, and the One who lifts up my head." Does this touch your Spirit as much as it does mine?

The word, "shield", reminds us that God protects us. The shield is what protects in battle and God is reminding us here that He protects us when we're under attack. This doesn't mean the attack has to be from other people (although it may); it can be health issues, money issues, or relationship issues. When we are under attack the Lord protects us.

Then He tells us that He is the one who lifts our head. Have you ever been so down or so distressed by life that the action of lifting your head is too much? Have you ever felt ashamed of something you've done and felt you couldn't lift your head? God understands and He doesn't want us living with our heads down. I can just imagine Him putting his mighty hand under my chin and forcing me to look into His eyes where there is hope and love. That's what He wants us to remember: With God there is hope and love. We don't have to live with our heads down. The beauty of this just overwhelms me. God loves us so much!

Verses 4 and 5 remind us that with God we are secure. I'm sure, like me, you've had those nights where the worries off life keep you up. You just want to sleep but your mind keeps turning over and over and you feel insecure. David is telling us here that he was able to sleep because he felt secure. He had Saul after him, trying to kill him, yet his faith in God was so strong, he was able to lie down and rest. Why? Because he felt secure. There is nothing like the security of God to give us peace. When we have those sleepless nights, we need to remember that God is in control and that we can sleep securely.

Finally, in verse 8, we are reminded that God is our salvation and the giver of blessings. We can trust Yahweh to save and bless us if we will just put our trust in Him. How beautiful is it that God not only saves us but pours out His blessings on us, too?

This chapter was such a blessing to me and I hope it is to you, too. There are so many reminders of how much God loves us and cares for us. He always wants to remind us of His love and care. Who am I that God would care so much? Such a beautiful chapter!

Blessings - Julie

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