Monday, July 18, 2016

Counting Our Blessings - LinkUp!

Hello friends. I'm sorry I missed last week's linkup. I've still been battling fatigue and we've had other stressful things happening and I've just been pooped! It's awful when you can't even find the energy to write a blog post. Anyway, I'm here right now and let's get to counting our blessings!!

73. I went to see my Vascular Surgeon for my six month check-up on my leg bypass. They did an ultrasound and all looks good! It's always such a relief to know everything is working properly. I also talked to him about my lack of energy. He told me that after all I have been through, he thinks I have at least another 12 months of recovery. He also didn't realize that I had 8 units of blood and he said that alone was something to recover from. It was such a relief to have him tell me this! I know I have a lot to get through, but I will, with God's help.

74.  I worked a bit more on my Christmas felt banner. Here's the latest picture:

I love all the sequins and beads! It's hard to tell in this picture but it just makes everything pop and looks so festive. I was out of polyfill so hubby went with me to Michael's where I got a small pack and also took advantage of their fantastic sales! I didn't get a lot but it was fun to get out for a while with the hubs.

75.  Sam's Club had gotten these gorgeous orchids in for Mother's Day. I admired them but the price was way more than I wanted to pay. Every time I would go back, they would lower the price because they still had a lot of them left after the holiday. Finally, they got down under $10.00 and I decided to take advantage of that price. They had some I had never seen before and I picked out this one

It's hard to tell in this picture because it just didn't show up right but the petals are actually yellow. All the pink veins make the petals look pink but they are very yellow. I wish the picture would have shown it better. Anyway, it's gorgeous and I'm so thrilled to have another orchid! I seem to do really well with them and have had them bloom regularly. If they keep getting really cheap, I may have to get myself another one!

76.  I started this new cross stitch. It's for a roll and it's a little break from the large piece. I love the special stitches in this piece!

I'm sorry the fabric is so wrinkled. I really need to give it a quick press!

77.  This time of year is slow for book reviews so I always catch up on my library book reading. I have read three books by Maureen Jennings. The first one is an Inspector Murdoch book

It was excellent although a bit different from the television show. However, it was still a great story and the suspense was excellent! These stories are based in Canada during the turn of the 20th century.

Then I read another book that is her DI Tom Tyler series. I didn't realize that the books were in a particular order so I accidentally read the second book first. It definitely stood alone but there were references to certain people and situations that it would have been helpful to have known about. Anyway, this book was called, "Beware the Boy".

This series is set in 1940's England during the war and it was very good! I did figure out by the end who some of the bad people were but it ended up in a bit of a cliff hanger regarding the leader of the bad group. So...I'm thinking there were will a follow up to this story?

Then I read the third book in the DI Tom Tyler series called, "No Known Grave".

I read this book in 1 day! No kidding! It was such a great story and I couldn't put it down! The story was so full of twists and turns that you didn't see coming and I honestly never did figure out "who done it" until the author revealed it. That doesn't happen to me very often and I loved it! Again, it's set during WWII in England and the war plays a huge part in both of these books.

If you enjoy mysteries, seriously, I highly recommend these! I have the first Tom Tyler book on hold and another Murdoch book on hold. I'm not sure why my library only has two Murdoch books but I'm going to ask them to order the others. I just love having this down time to read books I've had on my list to read but don't have time other times of the year.

How has your week been? Please join me in counting your blessings!!

Blessings - Julie

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  1. Hi Julie. I am glad the check up went well. Your orchid is gorgeous. Your cross stitch is pretty. I am blessed to be going to the neurologist today. I got in early.


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