Sunday, July 3, 2016

Share Your Voice!!

One thing I'm realizing is that we only have our voice for so long to share what God has done for us. If I had died two years ago, I would not have shared nearly enough of what God has done in my life. I would have let opportunities go by and not shared my full story of God's goodness and grace.

"You only have your voice for so long to share what God has done for you."

What is it that God has called you to do and you haven't done? We all have so many days and hours until we are no longer able to do these things. If you're a writer, write! If you're an artist, create! Whatever it is - now is the time. We are all in different times of our life. Some of us have more time than others but make time to adventure into your calling. Whatever time you take to share your voice is perfect because it's fitting into your life as it is at the moment. 

I'm actually quite an introvert and it's really hard for me to open up and share with others. However, God allowed me to live on this earth longer for a purpose and I believe that purpose involves Him. He has called me to share my story - bad and good - to inspire and help others. 

I don't have it all together - believe me! I don't do as much as I would like to do. I am tired so much of the time and I have absolutely no energy at times. I have to force myself to do the bare minimum each day. Some days are better, but they are far and few between. It's actually quite frustrating. When I do have any kind of energy, I try to do what matters most. My Bible study time is the highest on that list then it goes from there. Some days, I don't even have the energy for that.

I am keeping my eyes on the future. I believe - truly believe - that this is going to get better. I think God is preparing me for that time. He wants me to be a voice for those who are hurting. I am so very thankful for the fact that I can share with you through this medium. I can minister and share through this simple blog. It's rather a miracle, don't you think? 

I have friends that I would have never met if it weren't for this medium called internet. I am able to connect with others who are struggling through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more! How amazing. Our circles are really limitless and that's why I'm telling you...


You never know who you're going to inspire and bless!

Blessings - Julie


  1. God bless you Julie. I am so blessed to have met you.

  2. What an inspiring post, Julie. Take care. I'm so blessed we met via our blogs. I look forward to many more shared moments with you.


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