Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Faith Journaling and Other Things

I have started my new online Bible study, ENTRUSTED, by Beth Moore and all I can say is it's amazing! We are on day four and I'm amazed at how much I've already learned. Beth has changed her studies in that you have 5 levels of study to choose from. If you're a busy woman, you can chose level one. If you have more time to devote to study, you can choose one of the higher levels. It's a wonderful way to study without guilt!

I was watching a wonderful video by The Reset Girl on how she takes notes as she watches Bible teachers like Charles Stanley. I was so inspired! I decided to start doing the same thing and started with my note taking on Session One of my Entrusted study. Here's a picture of my notes:

I had so much fun with this and it truly did deepen my listening abilities to the teaching. As I did my notes, I would stop or even rewind to listen again for my note taking. I used Christian stickers and Illustrated Faith washi tape on this page, as well as just fun little shin stickers. I enjoyed this so much and intend on doing this for all my note taking! Like Cori (The Reset Girl), I like to listen to Charles Stanley. Some other favorite teachers of mine are John MacArthur, Tony Evans, and David Jeremiah.

Here's a link to the video if you would like to see her process for yourself.

It's finally Fall here! I'm so glad. I don't care for the heat and it's so nice to have crisp, airy nights to sleep by. I sleep so much better when it gets cooler and the air conditioning is off. Clean outside air is always more appealing to me!

I'm going to be having a small surgery next week. I had a biopsy done on a mole that has given me problems for over 40 years. When I was little, my guinea pig scratched the mole off and ever since, it's itched and looked odd. I'm so glad I finally got into my dermatologist to get this truly looked at. I'm not real concerned about this but will be glad when it's over.

I hope you're doing good, dear friends!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Smart thinking to follow through with the dermatologist Julie. You never know. I had a mole checked and it was melanoma! I am praying for you.


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