Monday, May 29, 2017

Book Review - What Hope Remembers


When Amy Somers leaves her job as a lobbyist, she moves to Misty Willow, well aware that she's crossing bridges she'd burned years before. With all the mistakes she's made and the things she's done, she can hardly believe that happiness will find her--especially when Gabe Kendall, her first crush and her first kiss, rides back into her life atop a buckskin mare.

A former Marine, Gabe is at loose ends after serving a prison sentence for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He sees beyond Amy's hard exterior to the girl he once knew and loved, and he longs to see her open her heart. Yet with his vision clouded by shame for his past and fears about the future, it's difficult to see the path ahead.

But the memory of that long-ago kiss just may have the power to reignite a romance that brings out the best in both of them.


Johnnie Alexander is the award-winning author of Where Treasure Hides and Where She Belongs. Johnnie is an accomplished essayist and poet whose work has appeared in the Guideposts anthology A Cup of Christmas Cheer. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, spending time with her grandchildren, and taking road trips. She lives near Memphis, Tennessee.


This is the third book in the Misty Willow series. I haven't read the first two books (now I want to!) but I didn't feel lost starting with this book. The author does a really good job of bringing you into the story even if you haven't read the other books in the series.

Amy is a person who has such a hard shell, I wasn't sure if I even liked her at first. However, as I learn more about her, I can understand why she has the shell and why she finds it hard to trust others. She has returned to Misty Willow in hopes of rekindling her relationship with her family and starting over after leaving her high pressure job as a lobbyist. Her times of wondering if she's even worthy of a fresh start are quite heart wrenching.

I absolutely love Gabe and his tender and caring heart. He has been through so much himself, yet he sees through Amy's hard shell to the person she really is. He is encouraging and kind and he really makes this story shine. I also love his aunt! She loves him unconditionally and gives him the soft place to land that he needs after going through so much.

This story is really about forgiveness, redemption and how loving ourselves and others can make such a huge difference. I absolutely love this book and I highly recommend it! I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by Revell Book Publishers

Blessings - Julie

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