Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Counting Our Blessings Linkup!

Hello Friends! It's been a while since I was here with a personal post. It's for a wonderful reason, though, as I've been on a trip to see my parents. I had a good time and this weeks blessings are about that. I will share more on next weeks linkup about my trip as I have a lot of pictures to share!

33.  I was very concerned about how I would do on this trip. It's a 12-13 hour drive to see my parents and I wasn't sure how my leg would handle it. I was very thankful that I did pretty well! I did have about 3 days where my leg got extremely swollen but I took my machine with me that helps my leg and I was able to keep going for the most part. This was such a huge blessing because I was able to make the trip to see my parents.

34. While there, I went to an amazing cross stitch store and found some wonderful things! Here's just some of the things I got.

I'll share more pictures of the rest of my haul next week.

35. I also went to Paper Source and got these wonderful things.

I had so much fun looking at all the beautiful paper and fun supplies there. I haven't been to Paper Source for ages and it was such a blessing to get to go again. My son dropped me off at the store and after I was done, I sat on the corner bench and enjoyed the beautiful Spring day and people watched. It was interesting being back in my old neighborhood and just soaking it all in until next time I go home.

36.  It was a huge, huge blessing to be there for two important events. I got to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom for the first time in years. We bought her a cake and I had taken a card and gift with me. We also got her a rose that she can enjoy inside and then transplant in her garden to enjoy. Here's a picture of me with my parents and all the things for Mother's Day she got.

37. The other special event was my Dad receiving his 65 year pin and certificate of being a Pipefitter! Isn't that amazing? 65 years! It was a beautiful ceremony and here is a picture of my parents at the event.

and here's a picture of my Dad and I after the ceremony.

I was so glad that I could be there to celebrate these wonderful times with my parents. Such good memories and huge blessings!

There's more to share, dear friends, but I will do so next week. I hope you've been blessed beyond measure these past few weeks and I can't wait to read all your posts on the linkup!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Oh, what a sweet blessing that you got to go be with your dear parents! They look like they are just precious...like you, no doubt! I am so thankful you were able to make the trip and didn't have too hard of a time. I trust the Lord will allow you to have many more such trips and special memories with your parents. It must be so hard to live so far away from them. God bless you and keep you always, my dear friend. :)

  2. What a blessing this was to see pictures of you and your parents Julie. I hope you are doing alright after the visit? I can see and feel the special relationship you and your father have.


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