Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Counting Our Blessings - LinkUp!

I'll be honest, some weeks it's easier to count our blessings then other weeks. This week was hard. I don't have any pictures of anything I've done, because I didn't do a lot outside of what had to be done. I do have some pictures of something that happened, but I'm not going to share them because they would probably make some of you faint and others sick. I will tell you about it, though.

52. My youngest son is an Industrial Machine Mechanic. This means he works on huge machinery that is, quite frankly, dangerous. He is always really careful, however, last week, he went into work and someone told him when he got there that his friend had died. My son has known this friend since he was young. They met at Calvary Chapel in the youth group and reconnected at my son's place of employment. Unfortunately, his friend had fallen away from the Lord after serving in the military. He saw things that none of us should ever see and my son was talking to him about coming back to God. Now I realize that God placed my son back in this young man's life for a reason. We are praying that he rededicated his life to God before his untimely death.

Of course, my son was really upset about this horrible news and probably wasn't thinking as clearly as he normally would be. Somehow, the machine, which cuts holes, came down on his pinky finger. Yes, it cut a hole in his finger. Now here is the miracle part - his finger rolled and the machine missed his bone. The hole is about 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch. How it missed his bone, I'll never know. It had to be God protecting my son. Thankfully, his boss was there, patched him up and he stayed for his whole shift.

I still have all my wound care supplies from when I had the wounds in my leg and they have been vital in taking care of my son's wound. I am so, so thankful for those supplies! I have silver that has kept the wound from getting infected and, of course, watching my nurse month after month, dressing my wounds, I know exactly what needs to be done. So, I am counting my blessings - that God protected my son's finger bone and that I have the supplies I need to dress it. God is SO good!

53. I did do some cross stitch (not enough to even show on here) and I did work on my afghan. I tend to go to the easy crafts when I need to rest my heart and mind. I should have taken a picture but will share a picture of the afghan I'm working on.

It's quite a bit bigger than this now as I needed the repetition and quiet time to just regroup. I'm so thankful that my Grandmother taught me to crochet when I was four years old! Such a huge blessing it has been in my life!

What are your blessings this week? I hope that you had a wonderful week full of blessings, but even if you had a difficult week like me, try to think of the good things that God has done for you. :)

Please share on the linkup below or in the comments. God bless you dear friends!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Wow... what a difficult time for your son.. and what a terrible injury that could have been so much worse! I hope he continues to heal and heal well. My son crushed his little finger between a very heavy trailer tongue and his truck bumper... 15 stitches (in a little finger!), surgery and therapy, yet it could have bee so much worse. Thankful that God is bringing him through all of that. Thank you for the great ongoing reminder to count our blessings... we do have so many. :) Thank you for the party... have a good week.

  2. Thanks for the linky, have a wonderful week!!


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