Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jesus Calling

I am so very pleased and excited to be a Jesus Calling Amabassador! These books by Sarah Young have encouraged me and, quite frankly, gotten me through some really dark times in my life. To be able to share these wonderful, Biblical books, is a joy!

I received this lovely pack of books from Thomas Nelson and have been enjoying them so much.

For the new year, I am going through the large Jesus Always you see on the top right as my daily devotional. I've actually used this devotion before, but it's all so fresh and new to me again! I always pull something wonderful out of these books!

January 1 spoke to me in that it reminded me that God defines me! No one else can do this (unless I allow them to).

I also so much needed to remember to let the past go. It's so easy to dwell in the past and live defeated but, through Jesus, we can move on! 

January 2nd is so amazing, too, in reminding that Jesus is my joy! I can choose to live in joy when I choose Jesus! 

I wrote myself little notes on these pages to remind myself of these important facts. I love the Scriptures at the end of the devotions because they reinforce and help me to truly meditate on God's Word daily! 

I'm just beyond blessed to go through all these wonderful books and be a part of the Jesus Calling ministry!

Blessings - Julie


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