Monday, February 5, 2018

Bible Review - NKJV Unapologetic Study Bible


The NKJV Unapologetic Study Bible cuts through today’s most complicated and confusing issues and offers the clear, timely, relevant answers you are looking for. With timely articles, thoughtful book introductions, insightful quotations, and profiles on some of history’s most unapologetic defenders of the faith, this is a Bible that won’t leave you guessing. The NKJV Unapologetic Study Bible will equip, encourage and embolden you to be a catalyst for spiritual renewal in your home, workplace, and community. Solid rock answers for a shifting sands world.

Features Include:

Book Introductions: Provide key passages and background information for each book
Articles: Over 220 articles placed near relevant Scripture passages bring keen biblical insight to the current issues of the day
Quotations: Over 60 quotations from historical figures help you understand, first, that the issues of the day are not new; and second, that wise people throughout history have been challenged to live by biblical standards, just as we are today
Unapologetic Profiles: Over 40 profiles of historical figures inspire you with biblical faith lived out in the face of seemingly impossible circumstances
Indexes: Categorize each of the above features to assist you in a topical study of the issues that matter to you
8.9-point print size


This Bible has so much to offer! It's packed full of information and extras that will help you get a better understanding of the Bible.

First of all, this is my favorite version of the Bible - the New King James Version. I find it very easy to read yet has the same wording as the KJV.

The font is very easy to read and not too small for me plus the paper is a really good quality. The beginning of each book has an introduction, background and overview so you understand what you are about to read. I found this really helpful.

My favorite part of this Bible are the articles throughout. These articles are packed full of information and show us how relevant the Bible is to today's issues. In the back, there are charts about subjects to help you dig deeper and study these subjects in depth.

There are so many wonderful features to this Bible! It's the perfect Bible for Bible study but also for reading. It has so much to help you as you read that you'll come away knowing God in a deeper way through His Word. I love this Bible and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

*This Bible was provided to me for my honest review by the BookLook Blogger Program

Blessings - Julie

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