Thursday, August 9, 2018

Book Review - La La Lovely


Through beautiful designs and imagery, LA LA LOVELY invites readers to find their true identity where there is brokenness, discover the love of God, and design their own special place of beauty.

Author Trina McNeilly has been blogging for nearly a decade. While she spent her days sharing beauty, looking for lovely things, and redecorating her childhood home, her parents' unexpected divorce shattered her ideals of "home."

Through this journey, Trina learned that beauty is not beyond the laundry pile, chipped paint, dirty dishes, broken table or broken life. It's right in the center of it. Trina found that God IS beauty. And that he invites us to look, discover, uncover and find because when we find beauty, we find God.

In LA LA LOVELY, Trina shares stories and inspiration from her journey of finding, and being found, by beauty. You will find deep matters of the heart along with practical pointers on things like decorating your home, finding your style, and creating beautiful spaces. Each chapter offers essays, beautiful photographs, design tips, and practical advice for creating a place of beauty and belonging no matter where you live or what you're going through.


TRINA MCNEILLY is a writer and founder of La La Lovely, where she has been blogging for nine years, sharing matters of the heart and design related finds. With an eye for beauty, Trina finds inspiration in styled spaces, other times in the broken places, and everywhere in between. Through soulful writing, in the voice of trusted friend, she shares her finds and all about being found. Trina's work also includes creative direction, styling, and design projects. Trina lives in her hometown, near Chicago, with her husband, and four children.


I really felt like the author had read my diaries! She said so many things that I have thought to myself and, not only that, but we like so many of the same things!

This book is for anyone who finds their world turned upside down by circumstances out of their control. For the author, it was finding that her parents were getting a divorce after decades of marriage. It made her feel like she could not depend on the normal things of her life any longer and I know exactly how that feels.

She is so honest and open about how she felt going through all these things. She felt lost and alone. I’m sure you’ve had something happen that makes you feel like there is no normal – nothing to hold on to – but here’s where the author helps to direct us. To Jesus. She reminds us that God is always there and working all the loose ends of the bad things into a good thing. It is during these times that we need to rest in God and rely on Him.

She also shares how she tries to make the atmosphere around her lovelier. She creates spaces that make her feel calm and peaceful, yet homey for her family. There is a lot of wisdom in this as we all need our homes to feel as peaceful and welcoming as possible, especially in the hard times when we just want to hunker down.

I also liked the questions that she asks in each chapter. It really makes one focus on what is important, especially our faith in God. I love this book and received an ebook to read for my review, however, I liked this book so much, and it made such a difference in my life, I am going to buy a hard copy of this book. Obviously, I highly recommend this book and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

This book was provided to me for my honest review by Hachette Book Group

Blessings - Julie

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