Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Counting Our Blessings - Linkup!

It's time to count our blessings for the week. Sometimes we have to really dig to think of even the smallest blessing and sometimes they come as if in buckets, but either way, God does bless us each and every day in one way or another. It's so helpful to me to focus on them each day and to share some with you every week to give Him the glory and to store them up in my heart for when things seem hard and I need to focus on all He has done. So let's get started!

65.  I was able to get a knee injection last week after my knee being so sore and I'm really thankful for that and for my kind doctor who tries to help me eliminate as much pain as possible. He also has a knee issue and understands what it's like to live with constant pain. I'm so thankful for a wonderful doctor who takes care of me and allows me to live my best possible life.

66. I've been stitching again a lot more and it feels so good! I'm trying to stitch every night while watching my favorite British shows. I've started a new Christmas piece and here's the start.

Here's the kit and picture of what it will look like when I'm done.

This is one of the kits that my hubby and son got me for Christmas last year. I love the Mill Hill kits and all the details they put into them. There are lots of beads in this kit so it's going to really pop when I'm all done. It's so cute!

67.  I'm also painting a bit more and have started on Christmas ornaments in that department as well.  😊 I have learned through the years that it's never too early to start making things for Christmas! Here's my latest project.

They are snowman icicle ornaments. I know it's hard to tell anything right now by looking at them but they are going to be adorable. I'm really enjoying spending time doing what I enjoy and it's such a huge, huge blessing to feel good enough to do these things!

68.  I'm also so very excited to be a part of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. As a blogger who always wants to keep the focus on God, it's such an honor to be a member of this group that is serious about the Bible and wants to share the good news about Jesus Christ. I will be sharing more about this soon but I am so incredibly blessed and excited to be a part of this!

Now it's your turn...what are your blessings? Please share on the linky below!

Blessings - Julie

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  1. Your projects look wonderful Julie. I love Bible Gateway and go to it all the time. I just designed the September poodle yesterday and know YOU will love this one. ;)


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