Sunday, September 16, 2018

MyMagazine Sharing Network Samples

I received a sample pack of snack goodness from the MyMagazine Sharing Network. There was Kroger brand cookies and fruit snacks in the box wrapped up really pretty in tissue paper. This sharing network is really fun to be involved in because you get such nice things and they go the extra mile to present everything in a pretty way.

Anyway, I received the Chip Mates Chocolate Chip cookies and the Fruity Flavored Snacks in my box. I have never tried either of these before but was so pleasantly surprised!

The chocolate chip cookies were filled with tons of chocolate chips and the cookie was crisp without being too hard. They were much better than the brand name ones I've bought in the past. I have to confess here that this package of cookies is empty. Before I had a chance to take a picture, my son ate them all! 😂 He really liked them! Obviously, when I buy cookies again, these will be the ones we buy.

The fruit snacks are delicious, too! This is something my son takes to work in his lunch every day and, again, he normally buys the brand name ones but we both liked these better! He said he's going to buy the Kroger brand now as he enjoyed them so much! That goes for me, too - I'm buying the Kroger Fruity Snacks from now on, too!

These snacks were provided to me by the MyMagazine Sharing Network. These were Free Samples given to me.

Blessings - Julie

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