Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Counting Our Blessings - Linkup!

Hello friends! I feel so bad that I haven't been consistent with my weekly Counting Our Blessings Linkup. I have been so very busy working on things in my house. After 4 years of being in recovery mode from illness and surgeries made things get put on the back burner and now I'm working on getting everything back in order. It's a big job, let me tell you! I'm also still recovering from my last surgery and trying to get used to the strange feeling of the mesh over my hernia. I also still have days of pain so with all this, I have to just do what I can and rest when I need to.

Let's get started!

78.  I am so very thankful that I do have more energy and am able to work on my home again. Purging, organizing, moving stuff around. Because I can't lift more than 10 pounds, I am also very, very thankful for my husband and son who step up and help whenever I need it! I wouldn't get half of this done without them!

79.  I finished my Fall wreath! I am so pleased with it!

I have it above my stove. You can see the cute shelf my son made me and all my Pioneer Woman stuff. I'm a huge fan of hers and have so many of her things. My ceramic cactus is something I made years and years ago and I keep it lit all the time.

Here's a more closeup picture of the wreath. I'm so happy with it and it was great fun painting it!

80.  I am also trying to cross stitch more but I'm not stitching as much as I would like! I was hoping to have a lot more of my ornaments stitched up by Christmas so will need to get with it and do my nightly stitching again! I am almost done with my Gingerbread boy ornament and here he is.

I'm really just down to the back stitching and the beading. I love the beading part but not the back stitching part so much. I don't hate back stitching it's just not a favorite of mine. 😉 It has to be done, though!

81.  I also received the cutest gift from a book company that I work with. It's a t-shirt and a cute journal. I love what it says - Prose before Bros.

Many thanks to BookSpark for sending me this! I absolutely love it and it was such a fun surprise!

Now it's your turn to share your blessings!  Please share on the linkup below.

Blessings - Julie


  1. I love your finished wreath Julie! Your stitching is looking so very cute! I am blessed to be doing so much better with my neck and shoulder.

  2. Hello Julie, I love your wreath! It's wonderful, so colourful and made me smile just seeing it :) I found your post while searching for posts related to counting your blessings, a thing I do to help me find my smiles when they're not so easy to find and I so loved this post. You write in such a warm, friendly, welcoming way it actually felt as if you were chatting to me across a kitchen table over a coffee, thank you for that, I've followed your blog, I hope that's ok. I know you said to share our blessings so I thought I'd share a post I wrote about a wonderful Gratitude Scavenger Hunt I found. Like your post I found it on a not so great day and it so made me smile :) I hope it makes you smile too and maybe you'll want to follow the scavenger hunt prompts too :) You can find the post here: Thank you for making me smile today, sending hugs from a rainy, chilly UK xx


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