Thursday, October 11, 2018

MyMagazine Sharing Network for my Doggies!

So my two sweeties, Cookie and Mitzi, are quite thrilled because they received a wonderful package from the MyMagazine Sharing Network!

It was so funny because they could smell something delicious in the box before I even opened it and they could hardly wait for me to get it open! 😂 It was quite exciting for all of us to see what was inside.

Look at the looks on their faces! lol They got a big box of Milk-Bone brand Medium Dog Bones, which they both really love! (Did you notice that Mitzi always has to be in front?! lol)

They also received a package of Free Nature Recipe wet food, which they keep trying to get to. This will be their special treat this weekend and I know they are going to be so excited and gobble it down! I'm really happy that this wet food is grain free as I think that's so much better for my girls.

They each received a Milk-Bone brand dog bone right away and they both enjoyed it so much. I had to really hang on to this bone to get a picture because Cookie was anxious to get it!

Mitzi is always more dainty but she was grabbing at her's, too!

I'm so thankful to MyMagazine Sharing Network for sending these free samples to us! The girls were very thrilled, too.  Only thing is...every time I get a box now, they have to check it out as I open it to see if there's anything in there for them! 😂😂😂

Blessings - Julie

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  1. So cute! They posed so nicely for their treats too. :)


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