Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Birthday Blast

I had the most wonderful birthday! In fact, my family made it last for about 5 days! On my birthday, my son surprised me with these two gifts.

The Christopher Robin movie on DVD...

He and I have a love for things Pooh Bear so this will be a special event for us to watch together.

Then he gave me this!

I'm sure you can guess why I received this and why I love it so much!! I am beyond thrilled!

My hubby and I had a lovely lunch and then went out and did a little window shopping for Christmas. I was looking for a couple craft items at Hobby Lobby, too, so we did that as well.

One of the fun things I found that I just had to have was this!

I think my husband was shocked that I fell in love with this. lol  I am a huge fan of the Wonder Woman movie and this reminded me so much of that. I'm going to use it for 2019 and think big and set good Wonder Woman goals. 😁  Here's a little closer picture of the set. It has so many lovely things in it.

Since my birthday was on a weekday when my son has to work, we decided to save the bigger celebration for the weekend. I decided to make my own cake this year. When I was young, my grandmother and mother would make delicious chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I haven't made one for years and really thought it would be wonderful. It was. It isn't fancy but what it makes up for beauty, it more than makes up for in yumminess!

The recipe for the chocolate frosting has never been written down but it's in my head. I bit of this and that and it becomes the most amazing frosting ever.

I will continue more about my birthday next time. Suffice to say I am so blessed and so spoiled by my family.

Blessings - Julue


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Julie! What very special prezzies you got!
    Wishing you a fantastic, blessed year ahead and many thankful days with your loved ones as well as plenty of good reads!

  2. I already admired that cake on Instagram, but it sure does look fantastic!! Your gifts are SUPER!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet friend! So happy you were so abundantly blessed, and may God grant you many more happy birthdays with your family. :)


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