Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday Promise


We all want it but it seems such an elusive thing.

Peace when we're going through the hard things.

Peace when troubles swirl around our ankles and rise steadily to our knees.

Let's get down on those knees, that feel so shaky with anxiety, and share with God those things that are keeping you up at night.... those things that make you physically ill.

Open your hands and let go of those things that you're sure you need to hang on to.

Release those fears and put them in the hands of the One who cares so much for you.

Let the Lord wash over your heart with His peace and love.

Let Him give you what you cannot give yourself.


Hang on to the promise of peace.

Hang on to the Lord who gives this peace in abundance.


Lord, on this Monday, I pray that you will bring peace to that person who is reading this right now. Give them your perfect peace. Help them to feel your presence in a whisper that comes to them when they feel the pressures of their world closing in. I pray that we would all bring our cares and anxieties to you first instead of keeping them in our hearts as if they were something precious. I thank you for your promise of peace and I ask that we would all cling to it. Through your precious Son, Jesus, I pray. Amen


Blessings - Julie

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