Friday, July 5, 2019

Bible Study Review - Bible Workbook Old Testament and New Testament


Whether a student is beginning their faith journey and wants to better understand the Bible, or a teacher wants his students to have the basics down, the workbooks help readers work through the fundamental themes and teachings of the Old and New Testament. Each workbook includes detailed maps, helpful exercises, and questions for students to do on their own to serve as a foundation for the work in the classroom. Highlights include:

• An introduction and overview of the Bible as a whole • Overviews of the main books in the Old and New Testaments including author background, literary themes, timing, key texts, and outlines • A chronological study of the Old Testament and a brief study of all the books in the New Testament • An overview of the period between Malachi and Matthew, known as the “400 Silent Years” • Detailed walk through Paul’s Epistles • A parallel study of Revelation

While not designed to be exhaustive Bible studies, the workbooks help spark the interest of students so they will want to dig in more through classroom discussion and further study.


Catherine Walker (B.A., Wheaton College; M.A., Columbia Bible College; M.R.E. and D.R.E., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) previously served as an instructor at the Indonesian Baptist Theological Seminary in Semarang for 26 years. Upon retirement she served as special assistant for intercessory prayer at Foreign Mission Board headquarters. She is author of Bible Workbook Volumes I and II and six theological textbooks in the Indonesian language. She also co-authored Disciples and Prayer Life.


I enjoyed these workbooks so much! They are so well thought out and are really enjoyable as you go through them and fill in the answers. I really liked that they give you a clear understanding of the Bible when you're done.

These are not intended to be an exhaustive Bible study but to encourage you to read the Bible in a deeper way on your own. These workbooks do exactly that - they make you want to dig deeper into Scripture to understand God's Word.

These workbooks would be great for a new Christian, however, even as a life-long Christian, I learned things and felt that it enhanced my understanding of the Bible. These would be great workbooks for a small study group!

These studies are punched for a 3 ring binder and the pages are perforated so you can put them in a notebook and lay the pages flat, if you'd like. You could add notebook paper to your binder for taking additional notes, as well.

I really love these workbooks and high recommend them! I give them 5 stars.

*I received these workbooks from Side Door Communications. I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this book.

Blessings - Julie

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