Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Counting Our Blessings Linkup

Life can be full of turmoil and heartache, but God continues to bless! That's what this linkup is all about - counting our blessings! This linkup is open to all bloggers to share something they want to share from their life, something they made, a recipe, or anything else that will bless others.

I had a huge blessing last week - I celebrated my 38th wedding anniversary! It doesn't seem possible that I've been married this long as the years just speed by. We had a lovely day and went out to eat at a restaurant we have never been to, despite it being here for years! The Texas Roadhouse was excellent and we enjoyed it very much. There was so much food that we ended up bringing about half our meals home. It was absolutely delicious and we had excellent service as well. It was a windy day but we got an anniversary picture together. 😊

After this we went to Hobby Lobby where I looked for a frame for a cross stitch I finished. Of course, I had to look at other things, too! It's one of my favorite places and I always enjoy seeing what's new. The sweetest thing happened while we were there. A little girl, who was about 10, was getting herself a counted cross stitch kit and I told her we were looking for needles for my cross stitch. She promptly stopped what she was doing to help me look! She then told me about how she was learning to crochet and cross stitch from her grandmother and about the cute games she was also getting It did my heart good to meet such a lovely little girl and to see her carrying on the art form of crochet and cross stitch!

Such a blessed Anniversary and I'm so thankful for being married to a man who stands with me through the joys and sorrows of life.

Blessings - Julie

Blessings - Julie


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, my friend! May God bless you with at least 38 more years together!! Praying for you and will answer your sweet email as soon as I can. Love you.

  2. What a lovely anniversary! We recently went to a Texas Roadhouse for the first time too. Happy Anniversary! I am praying for you! I will keep watching for updates!

  3. Happy Anniversary to both of you, Julie! What an image filled with love!
    I was also about 10 years old when I learned to crochet... So many memories coming back right now :)


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