Friday, July 13, 2007

Open House

Hubby is having an Open House for one of his listings tomorrow and I'm helping out by getting things ready. I bought flowering plants yesterday at the grocery store. I couldn't believe the blessing of getting two of them for 79 cents and 3 others for $4.99 that had been $14.99! I also got some really cute pots that were on sale for 79 cents and I will get the plants all planted in the pots today. We will also set out candles (in jars for safety) and generally try and make the house look more homey. It's empty, so we can add a lot of touches here and there to make an impact.

I'm also making cookies.

Now, lest you get real impressed, let me add that I used these

Normally, I would have made homemade. In fact, I've never used this kind of cookie dough, but it's so terribly hot and I'm so busy with other things, that I decided it would be best for everyone's sanity (mostly mine!) if I used premade cookie dough. I bought two other types, too. Sugar cookies and Oatmeal Cranberry. Two of the packages I bought made "mini cookies". I thought that was the best way to go but figured out that I can break the other squares of the large cookies in half and have mini cookies really easily! That was my special tip for the day - look out Martha Stewart!!

My hubby tasted them and pronounced them "good". Hey, what else do I need?


  1. I like those break apart cookies too. I'm not a cooking snob. I like homemade but those are good, especially when you're pressed for time.

    Purple hull peas are always eaten fresh rather than dried and have a different taste and texture than black eyed peas.

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!



  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and for praying for little Feisty - she got her feistiness back yesterday and it was such a blessing!

    Please come back again and visit - I love new cyberfriends!

  3. Hello and thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.
    I have used this frozen cookie dough too and it is good. There is one called 'Turtle' Cookies, or something like that, that has caramel as well as the chocolate chips and pecans. Oh my goodness. They are sooooo good. I won't be making them very often because I would eat too many! LOL
    Your post below sure looks delicious. I am on a low fat/cholesterol diet so wouldn't be able to indulge in the butter, but olive oil works too. I like to add some herbs to my potatoes too if I'm in the mood for it.
    I sure am glad the Good Lord created potatoes for us. I just love them.
    Have a blessed day,
    Mountain Mama


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