Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our New Church Home

A few weeks ago, our church had a division and forced the Pastor out. It's been a very emotional time for our family as we loved our pastor and we were shocked by the whole situation. It was truly a "personality" conflict and was very un-biblical and cruel what they did to my pastor and his wife. We have continued to support them through prayers and encouragement as they face a new phase in their life.

This whole situation left our family without a church home! We prayed about it and I'm always checking out the different web sites of the churches in the area. There was one that I noticed had a new pastor. We had been to this church before, but it just wasn't a good bible based church and we didn't feel comfortable. However, with a new pastor, we decided to try it again. We absolutely LOVE it! The Pastor is about as bible based as you can get. He goes through the bible, verse by verse, which is wonderful. Our family has their foundation in Calvary Chapel. That is where we all were saved and truly learned the word of God. They go through the bible verse-by-verse. We knew we had seen our Pastor before and couldn't figure it out, but found out today that we all went to Calvary Chapel together all those years ago. That's his foundation, too, and he teaches the same way. The worship is wonderful and so are the people. It's truly an answer to prayer for our family. Today was our 3rd time there and we "filled out the card". You know what I mean - new visitors are asked to fill out a card and drop it in the offering basket. I never do this until I know if I'm going to continue going to that church. We knew today that we would make this our church home. It's also such a blessing because we only have to travel 5 minutes to get there! We were traveling to another town to go to church before and it would take us 40 minutes. What an additional blessing not to have to get up so early and spend so much time driving! God truly does bless us more than we can imagine!

Here is a picture of our new church:

The even more amazing thing is that he has his messages on CD (we like to get the messages that speak to us and listen to them again at home) and they are free!! Again, what a total blessing! It's so hard to change churches, but this has been a wonderful experience and I hope and pray that this will be my final church home.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog - and for the sweet comment.
    Your blog is beautiful - I love the name. We went through a similar situation in our church years ago. It really is heartbreaking.
    I'm so glad the Lord led you to a new church where you can feel at home and be "fed". Being close is great too. The Lord just has a way of working everything out for our good.

  2. Me, too. I've been through a church split just as you described, and it is devastating, emotionally and spiritually. But God led me to my current church home and I've now been there for 17 years.

    I hope this church works out and is where God wants y'all. You'll know if it is. :-)

    Have a wonderful week, and God Bless! :-)

    Love and hugs,


  3. I'm really sorry to hear you had to go through this. I know it's just devastating when the leadershiop of you church seems to fall apart. Such a huge letdown.

    I hope you find peace and happiness in your new church.

    And like Linda, I love the name you chose for your blog. I also love the photo you chose for your header design. :-)

  4. I, too, am glad you've found a new church home. The hard times stink, but I believe God ALWAYS uses them for good. Looks like He's doing a good thing here!


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