Saturday, August 25, 2007

Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers for my sister! She is home from the hospital now and after many tests, they have determined that it's her rib cage and muscular and cartilage that are giving her pain. She was told to take it easy and rest for 7-10 days and then she will start to feel better. She has been given a high dosage of inflammatory drugs and some pain medication. I'm so thankful that it's nothing serious! Please continue to pray for her if you would, though, because she is still in a lot of pain and she also won't be able to go to work.

I've had some other good news - my sweet nephew and his darling wife are having a little boy in January!! They have two little girls that they love deeply, but my nephew was so hoping to have a boy! He ran right out and bought the crib set and some clothes with the Denver Bronco's emblem on them!! LOL He's a huge fan of the Broncos and I'm sure this new little guy will be, too!! I had a feeling they would have a boy and had all ready bought a beautiful, bright teal blue yarn for the afghan I'm making them. Now I'll actually get to use it!!

Thank you again for your prayers!! I so appreciate all your sweet comments!!

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  1. Wonderful news!

    I am glad your sister is not seriously ill. I have 8 big sisers and if any thing happened to even one...well I would be lost. One had cancer in her mouth, found by her dentist, a few years ago. God healed her. That was touff for all of us.

    New babys! I love 'em! Keep us posted.


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