Sunday, February 24, 2008

Changing format of this blog

After finally getting approved to be a member of Ravelry (yippee!!), I decided to change this blog to include my crochet projects. I will continue to share my faith in the Lord, but I also want to have my crochet projects on here. If you're a member of Ravelry, look me up - my member name is JulieRenee.

I have found some wonderful free crochet patterns through other blogs and would also like to do the same here. I love the wonderful people I've met through crochet and it's amazing to me how I've come full circle in my life with crochet. Crochet was the first ever craft I did at 5 years old. My Grandma taught me using thread! Can you imagine? It was frustrating, but she didn't let me give up and I'm so thankful to her now! After crocheting with thread, I was able to crochet with anything. It's a comforting art form (I consider it an art, not a craft) and one that allows me to comfort others with my work. Isn't it wonderful to give someone an afghan, a shawl or a warm baby hat or booties? It's like giving them a part of myself.

One of my favorite patterns is the Newborn Booties found at Loving Hugs. I have made several pair of these for the new babies in my life. These are the ones I made my new grand nephew.
Here's the pair I made for my friend's new baby girl

This is totally one of my most favorite patterns ever! I can make a pair of these in about 2 and1/2 hours. They are a great project for evening while watching TV. You can change the look by using ribbon for the ties, but personally, I like the chain ties because they stay tied on baby's foot. I remember having booties someone made for my baby and they had ribbon ties and they were constantly coming undone. I hope you enjoy visiting me and look for more crochet stuff!

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