Sunday, March 2, 2008

Totally Blessed

I thought I would give you all a smile and post a picture of my precious - Sammy Joe. Isn't he a doll? We rescued him from the pound 4 years ago and he has been one of the best dogs we've ever had. He's a Parti Color Cocker Spaniel. He was such a mess when we brought him home. He had been horribly neglected (and we think abused), but with lots of love and kisses, he has blossomed into a wonderful friend. He loves to sit in the chairs with an afghan. When my hubby was recovering from his heart surgery, Sammy slept in bed with me. He wasn't too happy when hubby came back to bed, but he has a lovely bed we bought him at Costco a couple of years ago and I washed it (with Downey, of course) and he loves the smell of the Downey and went back to his bed without a peep. I just love that little guy.

My visit with my sister was so great. It always goes by way too fast, though. She had to go to work today, so they had to get back. They live 4 hours away so they left about 6 pm last night. We got to spend about 4 hours with them, though, and it was so wonderful. My sister is really my best friend and confident and I'm so thankful that she is not only my blood sister, but my sister in Christ as well. That, dear friends, makes all the difference!

Okay, are you ready for one of my "thrift store, yard sale find" stories? Oh good, 'cause here it goes! Hubby and I went out to breakfast together - just the two of us alone. *sigh* Just heavenly!! Anyway, afterwards, I said, "I wonder if there are any yard sales today?" He says (as I knew he would), "Well, we could go and see and go to a couple." So, we head out and follow a box to a yard sale. OH my - guess what I got? You'll never guess, so I'll tell you. I got a Precious Moments figurine for 50 CENTS!!! Yes, you read that right - 50 CENTS!!! I looked it up on the internet and it retails for $80.65!!! Can you believe that? Here's a picture of the figurine I got:

Isn't that cute? He has a paper he's holding that says, "Check yes or no". So, so cute! And did I mention it was only 50 CENTS???!!!

Speaking of Precious Moments, my sister brought me my Christmas gift because she didn't want to ship it and risk having it break. It's a Precious Moments Water globe with the nativity in it. I absolutely love it!! I think it's so special that she got me something for my collection. She's such a sweetheart! It's really, really pretty.

I'm so enjoying my Beth Moore study, "Experiencing God". It is a wonderful study. Of course, I haven't done a bad Beth Moore study yet. They make me grow and bring me closer to my Lord. I am so blessed to be in the group that I'm in at church, too. It's a great group of ladies and they so bless me every time I go. I am so totally blessed in so many way. I'm so thankful to God!

God bless you ~ Julie

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  1. Wow, 50 cents, that is totally cool!
    Yes, this is a darling dog and I love the afghan colors too. Sisters are special, I'm so glad you had a chance to see her and get your Christmas gift.
    I haven't been part of a women's bible study in ages. However I do start going to one tomorrow, I can't wait, I do need to study my lesson, the book is really cool.
    Have a wonderful blessed week. Keep an eye on my blog, getting ready to post my latest crochet project, hoping to get finished this afternoon.


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