Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dentists and Fillings and Pain - Oh my!!

Well, I would love to tell you that I've been off having a great time this week and that's why you haven't heard from me, but no, I've been at the dentist twice this week and the Dermatalogist, too.!! I started having tooth pain over the weekend in a tooth that's bothered me before, so Monday morning, I called my dentist, who got me in that afternoon. He had to remove an old filling in one tooth and refill it. Such fun. Then he decided that the tooth behind it looked suspicious and wanted me back in today to do that tooth. Sure enough, there was a cavity under the filling. How in the world does that happen?! Oh yes, I just love going to the dentist. Yeah, right. This is a girl who hasn't had her teeth cleaned by the dentist since 1990!! (I know, that's just something you didn't want to know) I talked to them today and have decided I will go in for a thorough exam and a cleaning. I about dropped said teeth, though, when I asked how much a deep cleaning is. Are you sitting down? $749.00!!! I mean, really? I guess they do this cleaning where they numb you and go into the roots and clean. Bleah. I don't think I'll be doing this "deep cleaning" anytime soon. Who has that kind of money sitting around? Not me! They will just have to do the "standard cleaning" on this girl until my oil well comes in. I'm having to have these fillings redone because my childhood dentist was pretty bad. In fact, I would call him a quack. My sister has had to have a lot of her dental work redone, too, because this dentist we had as children just didn't know what he was doing. He scarred me for life and I'm still trying to get past my dentist phobia - as you can tell. Honestly, what really got me through these two dental appointments was my ipod. The first appointment, I listened to Fernando Ortega. I decided he wasn't loud enough or wild enough to keep me from thinking about the drill, so today, I listened to the music from "Saturday Night Fever". It worked beautifully. If you need dental work, I can highly recommend this music to drill by. LOL

After this morning's dental appointment, we all piled into the car for a 2 hour drive to my son's dental appointment. We wanted to get another opinion about his front tooth. Basically, the tooth is dying and we were trying to save it. The specialist today concurred with the other specialist that the tooth cannot be saved. He will have to have it pulled and a false tooth put it. It's unfortunate because it's his front tooth. My son is pretty okay with it, though, and just wants to get it fixed at this point. Tomorrow, I'll call his local dentist about starting the ball rolling about getting this done.

On a lighter note, when I went to the "big city" this afternoon, I didn't have time to go to my favorite yarn shop before they close at 7pm. However, we drove by there on our way out to the freeway. I noticed the lights were on and decided to stop and see if they were really open. They were!! She was having a class and I was able to go in and look at the books. She had a bunch of new ones and I found three I couldn't live without. It just made my day, let me tell ya!!

I'm exhausted, my tooth is hurting and I'm going to bed. I have to get up early to take younger son to his Viola lesson and then his Mandolin lesson. I am them going to make a dinner for my friend who is exhausted herself and just needs a break. I will go by my church and see if my Pastor needs any paperwork done, and then I'll come home and just pass out relax.

God bless you ~ Julie

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  1. Julie, I am so sorry for your pain, no fun!
    LOL, this dentist story gave me such a good laugh, you know laughing is good for the body. This dentist is a quack indeed. $700 + for such a deep cleaning, I tell you, what else can they invent to suck money out of people? I was thinking by the time they are done with ones mouth, you have no mouth left ;)
    OK, confession time - I haven't had a cleaning in 5 +years :O)
    I had a dentist once, who quoted me some really high quotes one time...left him and went to another only to find out he charged me only 10% of the original quote from the other guy.
    Have a wonderful relaxed day and don't think about that dentist any longer.


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