Monday, September 1, 2008

Time for Fall Decorating!!

Yes!! It's September 1st! That means that Fall is almost here and so it's time to break out the Fall decorations!! Yes!!

I must admit, I love to decorate for Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Therefore, I have quite a bit to put out, but don't you know - I was reading a wonderful blog today and I just had to go and get a few fresh decorations for this year. After all, don't we need a few new things to add to our old decorations?!! LOL

I went to Michaels and got some really cute things (photos as soon as I do something with them.) Then I went to WalMart to actually just pick up a few groceries and found this:

Isn't he just SO cute? I have been wanting one of these for years, but at over $20.00, I could never justify it. Well, guess what? This cute thing cost $6.48! I was so amazed and thrilled as I have wanted one for my porch and he looks as cute on there as I thought he would.

I then decided to check out all the Fall decorations and found this!

I have one word - adorable!! There were only two of these left at WalMart and I was so glad to get one. That's the thing about seasonal decorating, you have to get it early or miss completely out on it. This wonderful pumpkin cost $9.98, which I didn't think was too bad.

Here's a picture of my porch with my oldest son holding his Pug, Muffy Marie.

Isn't he just too adorable, too? LOL I only have the two Fall decorations on the porch right now, but may add a bucket with floating candles on the porch, too. I'll wait until things really cool down before doing that, though, so I don't end up with a huge, gooey, waxy mess.

Are you wondering about that blog I talked about earlier? Well, wonder no more! Go here to be amazed!! This is one of the best blogs I've been to. She really speaks to my heart. By the way, if you want to know what I had to run to Michael's to buy after seeing her blog, scroll down and take a look at those pumpkin beads! They are so neat! When I went today, they also had acorn beads. It was difficult to just get the pumpkins, but I wanted the pumpkins the most. I may have to get a bag of the acorns, though, before too long.

As soon as I get my display ready, I'll post pictures. I have so many photos to post - I finished my pansy afghan, made an ipod holder, finished my counted cross stitch picture. *sigh* I don't know why I haven't gotten those pictures taken, but I will definitely get that done in the next day or so and share them with you.

Speaking of crafts, I've started a new afghan. It's cool enough now to work with yarn again. I'm so happy!! I really love to sit and crochet in the evening and watch TV. I like to work with thread, but not as much as the yarn.

We will start school next week. I had intended to start this week, but with my son's football games and practices, we haven't been home much and I'm a bit behind. I don't have a lot left to do so it will be easy to finish up this week and get truly organized for his Senior year.

Speaking of football, we went out of town to the college dome Saturday for his game. It's a two hour trip there and it was a long day. The worst part was the bleachers. Oh. My. Goodness. Who in the world designed those things? This dome was built in the 60's so you can imagine. The game was delayed for an hour because the games in front of it ran over. (It was a day of games for teams all over the state). So, we were sitting on those horrid seats for 4 hours! Yes, 4 hours!! Lord, have mercy. My poor body was screaming by the time we left. I've recovered, though, but have decided I probably won't go to the other game in the dome. Too painful!!

Hope you enjoyed my update! Please remember to keep Marsha and her family in your prayers.

God bless you ~ Julie


  1. You are such a sweetie, Julie! I'm so glad you found the pumpkin beads and I didn't see any acorn ones while I was there. I love acorns, so I'll have to go back. :0)
    Your fall decorations look I really want to get down all of my things! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. I did some fall decorating yesterday too. I love the scarecrow and pumpkin you got!

  3. LOVE autumn! Not ready to decorate yet. For one thing, it's too hot, and. for another, we're moving! LOL

    Your pretties look great! You don't have to tell your son I called him pretty. ;o)

  4. Cute new fall things!

  5. Hi Julie, I love your pumpkin! I bought one (slightly different) last year. Thanks for visiting my blog and praying for my mum.


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