Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Bowl of Pits with an Elephant on Top

Okay, I'll admit it. Sometimes I feel this way. I feel like the Lord's not listening - my husband's not listening - and definitely, my children aren't listening!! *sigh* I'm having one of those days.

Life is not a bowl of cherries - no it's more like the pits at times. (Thanks Erma Bombeck for that classic line.) I'm swimming in pits right now. Nothing horrible - just things around the house needing attention - lack of funds to do said things - one thing after another until I just feel as though the proverbial elephant is sitting on my chest. I've been dealing with doctor's offices (this is always fun, right?), and today the propane man came to put propane in my tank and turned off the valve, which in turn turned all my propane using appliances in my house off, and I had to re-light the hot water heater, among other things. His excuse for doing this? He saw that our window was broken out and couldn't conceive that anyone was living here! We have 4 cars in the the yard! Who did he think those belonged to? Why did he think we called to get propane if no one lived here? How hard would it have been to knock on the door and ask before turning it all off? The broken window is another story all in itself. It's the 3rd one that has broken since we moved in here 14 years ago. Did I mention I have two sons in this house and one seems to have a problem with breaking windows? None of these things in and by themselves is horrible, but pile them all together and they become one huge pit!

Yes, I'll admit it, I'm caught up in the things of this world right now and I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes elsewhere. Today another pit was added to the all ready growing pile of pits and it was the pit that broke this camels back. I'm exhausted. I'm tired. I'm worn out.

On a lighter note (do I hear a huge sigh of relief from you, dear reader?), tomorrow I finally get to see the pain management doctor for my back pain. There is nothing they can do for it - surgery won't help and physical therapy made it worse - so I'm praying that this doctor will at least have some kind of help for me on this. I've been taking pain pills when the pain is horrible at night, but honestly, I don't like taking them very much. Yes, I can sleep, but the after effects of the pills are sometimes hard. Plus, I think they make my thyroid medicine work differently and that makes me feel weird, too. Wait - was this supposed to be on a lighter note?!

Really on a lighter note (insert your own sigh here), my birthday was wonderful. We didn't do anything really spectacular and that's what made it so special. I opened my lovely gifts (pictures in another post) and cards then we went to Pizza Hut for my very favorite thing - pizza! We all talked and laughed and had a great time. Then we went to my favorite thrift store and looked around and found a few little things. I got the most gorgeous hand painted plate from Japan for $2.29!!! I hung it on my family room wall and it looks beautiful. I think it's probably from the 40's. It has roses on it and is just gorgeous. I found a couple of 99 cent record albums, too, and that was fun. We came home and my mother-in-law (who hates pizza) came over for cake. It was just a really nice day and a really nice birthday!

I'm praying (literally) that things are better tomorrow, that we can get some of these things that have popped up around the house, fixed, and that the elephant will find a new chest to perch on instead of mine.

Speaking of prayers - remember to pray for our soldiers who are protecting our country and who have protected our country in the past. Remember their families who have sacrificed so much for us. Pray for the safety of our soldiers that are in war zones right now. I am so thankful for our men and women in uniform! May the Lord protect them and bless them and their families!

God bless you ~ Julie

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