Monday, November 3, 2008

Look what I got. . .

Look what I got! It's a ticket to see John and Cindy McCain at their Road to Victory Rally tonight! Yep, they are coming to my town at around midnight!! I'm planning on being there and so is my family.

This is tradition for a lot of Republican candidates for President. Barry Goldwater started this tradition by announcing that he was going to run for President on the steps of our courthouse. George W. Bush also came while he was running and John McCain will be here tonight. He's been here before, of course, since he is the Senator from Arizona, but this will be something very historical and pretty exciting considering we vote tomorrow! I am concerned that we can't take chairs, since I have such bad knee problems, but have decided that even if I can't go, I want my sons to go. This is definitely a once in a lifetime chance to see this historic moment. I told them that I will send the camera with them and I want lots of pictures!

Hank Williams Jr. will be here to sing and I guess there is supposed to be another surprise country singer that will be there. I'm really going to try and go. This is pretty exciting stuff!

On a domestic note - I got my homeschooling written up for the next two weeks so I can focus on preparing for the holidays. I will do my grading every day (hopefully) like I like to do, but can relax about the lesson plans until next week. That gives me all this week and the first part of next week to not have to worry about that. We are pretty busy as my son will be writing an essay these next two weeks and it's always a lot more work for him (and me) when he has to do these things. It's important that he really understand this kind of writing, however, as my son in college has to do a lot of essays and compositions. My youngest son will be starting college next year so I want him to have a clear understanding of how to write these kinds of things.

Please remember to get out and vote tomorrow! This is such a privilege and never take it for granted. I'm so proud to be an American and I never want to forget that with privilege comes responsibility. Part of that responsibility is to vote! God bless America!!

Many blessings ~ Julie

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