Monday, February 2, 2009

Fresh Air & Sunshine

Okay - I'll admit it. I was rather upset that my Arizona Cardinals lost the Super Bowl, but I'm okay now. Well, maybe not okay, but calmer about the whole thing. Sad yes. Very sad. There's always next year, though!!

Today I woke up with this swollen cheek right below my eye. In fact, it looked like someone had punched me. No - no punching going on in this house - so not sure what this is. It was red and just looked really weird. My hubby thought maybe I had a cold in my eye or something, but it doesn't feel like that either. I was really tired all day, too, so maybe it's a bug of some kind. Oldest son wondered if it was an allergic reaction. Could be - but to what, I have no idea. So tomorrow I'll hope that it's all better. I don't feel quite so tired tonight, so maybe whatever it is has passed.

I finished up some of the baby items I've been making. I am going to start picking out the fabrics for my quilt I'm going to start next. I've also been working on the crochet & bead edged socks that I'm making for my nieces. They absolutely love those socks, but had grown out of the other ones I made, so I'm making them each another dozen pair. I'm also making some for my newest little niece who's about 8 months old. They are adorable and just so girly.

Tomorrow I must get some of the pictures printed out that I want to use for the special Valentines book I'm making for my hubby as a gift. My hubby is so sweet and always loves these kinds of personalized gifts.

Our weather has been beautiful and the last few days I've just spent standing on the porch for a long time soaking in the sunshine and soft breezes. It's just gorgeous out! I was also able to open the doors and let some fresh air into the house. I love doing that. Winter houses get so stale and stuffed up from being closed up all the time. A little fresh air is always good!

Hope your weather is improving wherever you are!

God bless you - Julie


  1. Hope your eye is better. Sound strange. I have had the tummy flu...terrible!
    The weather here is not warming up...minus 4 this morning. I won't be opening any windows today (unless my hot flashes get worse!)

  2. It never made it above freezing here today but was bright and sunny. Now they're talking about severe thunderstorms for the first of next week. Ugh!

    Thousands of people still don't have power here but ours is working most of the time. My internet was off most of the day today too. The workers are doing their best but there is so much damage. We're blessed to have the service we have.

    Sounds like you might have a sinus infection. Hope whatever it is gets better soon.

    Love and hugs,



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