Friday, February 6, 2009

Passions, Parties and the search is on

I'm beside myself over the horrible decision by our president to not go forward with the trial of the man that masterminded the USS Cole bombing. I mean - really. What about all those wonderful Sailors that lost their life in this terrorist's act of cowardice? Don't they mean anything? I can't even imagine how he can justify this decision to the families of the fallen or the other Sailors that were on the ship that day.

I've decided that I probably need to start another blog where I discuss one of my passions - politics. Not so much politics as the mission to save our country from the liberal bent it has started on. It's getting worse and worse. I honestly cannot believe that any president would choose to let a man go that did that to our servicemen. It's something I can't comprehend. When and if I get this new blog going, you'll be the first to know.

On the home front. . . . Hubby had another shot in his eye yesterday and this time it wasn't completely deadened. Can we all say, "Ewwwww"? Oh. My. Goodness. I can't even imagine what my poor hubby went through. The shot he had last time was fine - no pain or anything. I think this doctor has the tendency to over-book and so there were so many people in that office. I'm not sure if he can actually do things as well when he's so busy. Hubby is supposed to have more shots, but of course, now he's really nervous. I told him to focus on the first shot and that we will make sure his eyes are completely deadened in the future. On the up side, they do see some improvement in his vision, so that's good.

I'm nursing my knee today. I'm not sure what's happening - it's probably just my arthritis acting up again. I'm hoping tomorrow it's better. I had to use my cane today because it kept buckling and I was afraid I would fall. I'm praying for healing.

We are preparing for the big Valentine party with our homeschool group next week. We will be going to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch with everyone and then onto the ice skating rink for skating and a Valentine exchange. I talked to the mom who is planning it all and so far we will have over 70 children who are going to exchange Valentines! We will have more families than that as some children won't be doing the Valentines, so it's sure to be a fun party for everyone. We used to always go to the ice-skating rink out of town as we didn't have a rink here. Honestly, it was so fun to go to the out of town rink. It was something all the families looked forward to. We would eat out at a burger place that was in that town only, go skating and bring snacks to share with everyone and decorate the locker room where we had the party, and then head out to the used bookstore when everyone was done skating. It was so fun! It's easier for everyone to go to this local rink, though, and it will still be fun!

I had a phone call today from the leader of our homeschool group and she wanted me to pick a date out in April or May on a Saturday as the group is going to give 3 of the homeschool mom's a party. I'm one of the 3! Yes, it's true. I'm one of the old guard that will be graduating my youngest this year and I've been a part of the group for a long time. They want to celebrate our time in the group and send us off in style. Isn't that sweet? I'm very touched that they even considered this sweet gesture! It seems so odd that I'm actually going be done with my homeschooling this year. *sigh*

I'm still on the hunt for the missing centerpieces for our graduation. For years our group has had a set of mirrors, candles, and tableclothes that we use for the graduation receptions. In the process of getting new leadership, the centerpieces have gone missing. All my feelers are out, though, and I'm hoping for a phone call any day letting me know where they are. It really saves us money when we re-use the things we've used before. If I can't find them, we will figure out something new - hopefully cheap - that we can use and then pass on for the next graduation.

Hope you have a very relaxing weekend!

God bless you - Julie

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