Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall has finally come

I love Fall. Truly. After the horrid heat of such a hot summer, the crisp, cool air is SO welcome. I actually had to put 2 extra quilts on the bed last night because it got so cold. My poor cocker-spaniel, who didn't have a quilt, was sitting in my chair, shivering because he was so cold. I guess I'll have to cover him up before going to bed, or put his sweater on him. LOL It's tough living in a house with a woman who's thyroid levels are not quite right and is having hot flashes from it.

I'm not feeling well. I was so tired yesterday, I laid in bed for a long time hoping for a nap, but instead read a really, really good book. I really needed just to read a good novel that would take me away from everything and let me escape. I did sleep well last night, but still not feeling very good today. I don't know what the problem is. The flu, my thyroid levels, stress, or the fact that my back is still hurting me 24/7. I did do a couple things today, but not much. Mostly read and did some writing on my laptop while sitting in my recliner.

Speaking of my back, I heard my neurologist today. He told me the same thing my pain management doctor told me - I have a herniated disc. However, he also added that one of the discs is desenegrating and I have a lot of "wear and tear" on my lower discs. This was not happy news. He told me that he will send my MRI results to a neurosurgeon to see what they think. If surgery is not an option at this time, he will see about helping me to manage the pain better without drugging me completely out, which I hate. Me - I'm going to pray for a miracle. I'm going to pray that the Lord would heal these poor discs and make them whole again. I'm certainly coveting your prayers, too!

Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday. He will be 64 years old. So hard to believe. He sure doesn't look it, but I know there are days when he really feels it. lol Like me, he is dealing with his own health issues. My mother-in-law will come over and we'll probably go out for lunch and then have cake. That's her favorite part. The minute she hits the door tomorrow she'll be wanting to know when we're going to cut that cake! LOL She's so funny. It really is true that as we get older, we become more child-like. I definitely see that in her.

I have a new Bible study at my church that starts on Friday. I just got my book and haven't felt good enough to start the study. I'm hoping tomorrow I can sit down and work on it and also feel good enough by Friday evening to go. It's really neat because it's a once a month study. I have always done the once a week studies, but at this time of my life, I know that's not possible for me to do, so this study was a nice option for me. Next year, I'm hoping I can return to the weekly Bible study.

I'm so tired, so heading off to bed with another book. My youngest son came home tonight with some books I had on hold at the library and they are perfect for night-time reading. I'll snuggle under my quilts, put some jazz music on in the background and, hopefully, fall to sleep very soon.

God bless you - Julie


  1. Hi Julie, Thanks for commenting on my post. I hear ya about living with a woman with a wonky thyroid. Just before I read your post my husband and I were having the 'I can't believe you are cold' talk. Poor them, huh? Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Wow Julie, I've read your previous posts as well as this one. Sorry you've had such a rough time of it. Yes, i'll be praying for complete healing for you.
    I could imagine how upset you've been to have to endure all of this.
    Get some rest and try and have a good weekend!
    I like your new blog look btw.

  3. I'm agreeing with you for healing of your back. I've got back problems myself but so far haven't given in to surgery or any other treatment. I just make myself go on every day. I guess when it gets so bad I can't function I'll give in and seek help for it.

    Your studio is gorgeous! I hope you feel like working on it and in it soon.

    Happy Friday and weekend, dear friend.

    Love and hugs,



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