Friday, October 16, 2009

Week in Review

It's been a crazy kind of week here. Earlier in the week, I had an appointment with my nurse practitioner and I came away very frustrated by the whole experience. I changed to her about 2 months ago after having my primary care doctor say just one too many dumb and irritating things. I couldn't take it anymore. He could be mean and petty and I had decided it was too much for me, but I digress.

I know I've been having thyroid issues. When you've gone through all the thyroid stuff I have, you know when things aren't right. I lived for years and years with symptoms that I knew weren't normal, yet could never get a doctor to take it seriously until I finally went to a homeschooling Dad/Doctor that got to the bottom of things. After all those years and the years since my surgery, I know when I'm off track. So, I go to my NP, tell her that I know things aren't right and she sits there are argues with me about numbers. How I'm in the "normal" range, etc., etc. I try to explain to her that I do better toward the almost hyperthyroid level and that since I had cancer, it's healthier for me to be there. It was like talking to my dog. I just got the "I know better than you look" but she did finally agree to do another blood test. It made me realize two things, though. I need a new doctor (and I think I'll have one soon as we have two new doctors in town and I went to the office to be put on the list) and I also need an endocrinologist!

In the interim, I'm "self-medicating". I have thyroid medicine from another time my levels went out of whack and I'm taking them. I started two days ago and all ready I'm feeling so much better. I mean, who knows my own body better than me, I ask you? I have to say, I miss my Endocrinologist because they understood so much and didn't question me when I told them I felt wonky. The blood test always proved my feelings and they didn't dismiss me and say I had to live that way. I wish they still took my insurance.

My back is feeling a bit better. I'm sleeping a little better and able to move easier. I'm SO thankful! I know that the Lord has heard my prayers and all the other prayers that have gone up on my behalf. I thank you for your prayers. Yes, it's still painful, but not like it was and I'm so grateful!

Tomorrow my nephew, his wife and their two little baby girls are coming to visit us! They were up this way and called to see if they could come by. Absolutely!! I can't wait to see them and those precious babies! I have been picking up cute little things for those girls and now can give them directly to them. I just love finding those things for them and they are not put-off by the fact that they came from a garage sale or thrift store. I always wash them up and they are just adorable. I find the cutest things!!

I spent the day grocery shopping because I knew I would need to feed them and then came home to clean and cook. I'm going to have a fruit platter to snack on, then I'm making my Barbeque Meatballs, my Baked Beans and either a salad or a green veggie to go with them - I haven't decided yet. I always love cooking for my family and including extended family is even better!!

I will be doing an update on the Studio with picture of how it looks now. I haven't been out there to do anything for weeks now because of my back pain, but hoping this next week I will be able to start working on my art/quilting/scrapbooking/etc., again. I sure miss it when I can't!

I'm so tired tonight and I need to get up and finish up some things before they get here, so I better head off to bed. Thank you again for your sweet comments and prayers- they mean so much to me!

God bless you - Julie

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  1. Julie, this blog is just GORGEOUS! What a lovely background. I'm sorry to hear you have had so many medical troubles. I have this year too. I keep having test after test, and no one can seem to get to the bottom of what's going on. You are SO right about knowing your own body better than anyone else! I hope you get in to see the new doctor soon. I'll be praying for you. Hey, I reopened KSMP, and all of us oldies are there, as well as some wonderful newbies. We'd love to have you if you'd ever like to come back. I've missed you and hope you are doing well! Have a great week!

    Love, Kathryn


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