Monday, February 15, 2010

Book Review - Hear No Evil

Hear No Evil
Author: Matthew Paul Turner
ISBN: 9781400074723

Every Life Has a Soundtrack: If you've ever had the opening bars of a song trasport you back in time or remind you of a pivotal spiritual moment, Mathew Paul Turner's honest - and frequently hilarious - musings will strike a chord. Straightforward and amusing, "Hear No Evil" is Turner's "life soundtrack", a compilation of engaging personal stories about how music - and music's ability to transform - has played a key role in his spiritual life.

Groove along on his journey as young evangelical Turner attends forbidden contemporary Christian concerts, moves to "Music City" Nashville, and dreams of becoming the Michael Jackson of Christian music.

Cosmic and compelling, keen and funny, every page is a new encounter with the people, places, and experiences that have taught the music-editor-turned-author some new things about God, forced him out of his comfort zone, and introduced him to a fresh view of grace along the way.


I read this wonderful book in two sittings! It was so good, so funny, and very insightful. As a music lover myself, I really could relate to how music plays such a huge part in our lives. I laughed so hard at some of the stories he told about his growing up years and the music he did or didn't listen to.

When he follows a direction that he's certain God has told him to go, it's hilarious. We all know it's not going to work, but he's certain as a young man that it will. The experiences he encountered while pursuing his music are both funny but help him to grow at the same time.

Even though I grew up in a different era than Mr. Turner, I could relate to his feelings about how music influenced his life and how it was such a vital part of his life and continues to be so. The right kind of music can even help us to grow closer to God.

I highly recommend this book. You'll love it because it's so insightful and so funny.

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This book was provided to me for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

God bless you - Julie

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