Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book Review - Miracles, A 52 Week Devotional

Miracles - A 52-Week Devotional
Author: Karen Kingbury
ISBN: 9780446557955


Miracles draws from five of Karen's most popular books, delivering readers a fresh word from God for each week. Each devotion is an excerpt from one of Karen's Miracle books, selected for the uplifting and strengthening message it offers.


Bestselling author Karen Kingsbury is America's #1 inspirational novelist. She's written more than forty novels, ten of which have hit #1 on the bestseller lists. Her Center Street novel, This Side of Heaven, stayed on the New York Time bestseller list for several weeks. She lives in Washington State with her husband, Don, and their six children, three of whom are adopted from Haiti.


First of all - make sure you have a box of tissues or your hankie handy - you're gonna need it!!
These devotionals will definitely pull at your heart strings but, more importantly, they will remind you of the great and awesome God that cares about all things in our life and is there in all things. Every time I read one of these devotions, it just confirms in my mind what a wonderful Lord we have - how He's working all the time in our lives.

These devotions are like little mini stories that will pull you in and touch your heart. I really have enjoyed this book and have pulled it out again and again to read the stories. They reinforce my hope in the only one we can have hope in - Jesus.

I highly recommend this book. It's a wonderful addition to your morning devotions. You can read one a week, or devour the book like I did and then return to it to again and again.

This book was provided to me for review by Hachette Book Group.

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God bless you - Julie

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