Saturday, August 7, 2010

Leadership & more

I woke this morning to rain, rain, and more rain.  I had a Leadership class at church this morning so was very concerned about getting out of here.  For those of you have haven't read my blog very long, I live on dirt roads and rain is the last thing you want to see when you have to go somewhere!  Anyway, I did make it out and to my class.  I went early to help the Asst. Pastor set up for the class, however, when I got there, everything was done!  Another couple had made it there before me and had everything going, so that was nice.  The people at our church are so wonderful about helping out and pitching in where needed. The class was great and I learned a lot.  It was 3 hours and we learned all about being a leader for a small group, or in my case, the leader of a group in our ladies Bible studies.  Speaking of which, I found out yesterday that I will be a leader for the weekly, Tuesday night study.  It's a Beth Moore study and I am more than excited about being a leader for this study!  I also bought all my Bible study books - there were 4.  I will definitely take 2 of the studies and possibly 3.  I always like to have all the books because I learn so much whether I can be in the study or not.  I would have been in one study, but it falls on the same night as the one I'll be a leader for, however, that won't stop me from doing the study on my own. 

I had a bad night last night.  I just couldn't sleep and had a lot of pain.  Why is it that when I need to be really fresh and rested for something important, I have a bad night? I had to really drag myself out of bed this morning and was rather tired all morning.  When I got home, I got my jammies on and hit the sack.  I slept for 4 hours!  I'm feeling much better and am hoping I sleep well tonight so I can be refreshed for church in the morning.  I usually always go to church on Saturday night but for some reason I kept thinking it was Friday!  I didn't realize I was missing church until I woke up and looked at the clock and realized that church had all ready started.  I don't know why I kept thinking it was Friday. I guess that's what tired does to me.

Things have been better on the home front.  I have taken back my house and am more relaxed no matter what happens with my mother-in-law.  I just do what I need to do and am in control of what happens. I have a lot of prayer warriors surrounding my family and me and I know that makes a huge difference, too.  Yes, she still does crazy things and says mean things, but I don't allow them to affect me like I did.  I'm just praying about everything and giving it all to the Lord.
 Yesterday when I worked in the church office, I had my first bad day.  I did some really goofy things!  For one, I had to copy all the class books for today's class, 3-hole punch them and put them in notebooks.   Everything went fine until I punched the holes in them.  I was be-bopping along just punching along and then I really looked at them.  I thought, "Gee, those holes look too far up on the page!"  Sure enough, I checked them inside of the notebook and they were way off. Oh, the horror!  I called my supervisor to tell her what I had done and she was SO sweet and assured me that she had done it before and not to worry about it.  She told me to recopy them (I had done ELEVEN like that before realizing it!) and redo them. I was almost in tears over this whole thing.  I calmed down and you better believe that I checked each and everyone one as I punched them and double checked the settings on the 3-hole punch.  I also missed two calls that came in because I was in the other room and someone else had to answer the phone.  I felt bad about that, too.  I also had a hard time finding the coffee so I could make the coffee for this mornings class.  It was just one thing after another.  I felt very inept, believe me.  I hope that's the only day I have like that!!  My assistant Pastor came out to my desk and asked if I was all right (I had told him about the punching mishap).  I told him, "Well, I was going to have a conniption fit, but then I decided not to."  LOL  We all had a good laugh and I felt good that I didn't allow my crazy afternoon affect my sense of humor. 

I hope you have a very blessed Sunday!! Go praise your Lord tomorrow and worship with your church.  
God bless you - Julie


  1. I hope you con't to feel better. I am praying for you, my friend.

  2. What a delightful blog you have! What Beth Moore studies are you going to be doing? I just finished reading her "So Long, Insecurity" and boy, did it hit a nerve with me. The Lord sent just what I needed! I've purchased a couple more of her books. I'm looking forward to having some more devotional/reading time...
    I'm glad your office folks are so kind and understanding -- I hope you have a lovely, God's-peace-filled week!

  3. Oh my can I relate to your day! I think we tend to be harder on ourselves at times like this than anyone else would be. If you're like me, you want it to be perfect!

    I love Beth Moore. I'd love to do a Bible study on one of her books. I pray you have a wonderful time with it and received many blessings.



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