Thursday, August 5, 2010


This morning I'm feeling rather melancholy.  I know why but I refuse to allow satan a foothold into this area.  Rather, I'm going to be praying - praying without ceasing - that the Lord will make a way for me to have total forgiveness and restoration in the situation. I'm also praying that the Lord would keep my heart tender.  It's hard not to allow my heart to harden when things happen that hurt it.  I want to put a huge plate of armour around my heart so nothing bad can touch it.  However, in doing that, nothing good can touch it either.  That's the thing - we have to stay moldable and pliable for God to use us.  I want to be used.

I have my prayer meeting this morning.  It couldn't be better timing.  Coming before the Lord with like minded people and praying for others is a joy that feeds our soul and brings us out of our own situation.  Praying for others blesses those we're praying for but it also blesses the prayor.  We are coming before the throne of God and somehow all our worldly concerns become small for that time.  It also reminds us that we serve a great God and that He can handle any concerns we do have.  Oh, how awesome is our God!!

Yes, I wil pray. . .pray. . . pray without ceasing.

God bless you ~ Julie

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  1. Yesterday was a bad day for me. I felt myself sinking back into a pit of depression. there is never one reason it happends, it just does sometimes... I did prayed a lot yesterday. I am praying for you today too...


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