Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My House is Now a Home for sure

Look what hubby bought me today. Now this may not look like much to you, but for me, it's a long held dream to have a rubber tree plant.

When I was young, I had a good friend named Kelly. I spent a lot of time at Kelly's house, usually spending Saturday night at her house and going to church with her family the next morning and going home with my family as we went to the same church. I remember their home seemed so perfect to me. Not the house, as it was small and rather ordinary, but their home. It was a loving home with loving parents. I can remember the cutest thing about Kelly's parents - they called each other "Punk". It was short for punkin'.

Anyway, the things that stand out to me when I stayed at their house was watching "The Lawrence Welk Show" (hence my own watching it every Saturday night now) and Kelly's Mom's rubber tree plant. To me, a mere child, this plant screamed "home" to me. It was huge - all the way to the ceiling and big around. Ever since I've been married and set up my own house, I've wanted one of my own. I knew it would make my home complete. The problem is, I couldn't ever find one. I don't know if they went out of vogue or what, but they were no where to be found. Now they are back and when I saw this one today at Home Depot, I knew I needed to have it. Hubby agreed (rather readily, I might add) and he let me pick out a pot to go with it. Don't you love that pot? It reminds me of something out of the 50's. I also love it because it's resin. I just can't handle the clay pots anymore, they are too heavy, but this is really light and I'm able to move it with no problems.

Yes, my home is now complete and when I'm sitting in my chair watching "The Lawrence Welk Show", I'll glance over and look at my rubber tree plant and smile and probably sigh.

On a side note, I lost touch with Kelly years ago. I know she married about the time I did, but we lost touch after that. I don't know her married name so can't look her up. I sure would like to get in touch with her again.

God bless you - Julie


  1. I love your posts and I love the rubber tree plant. (DO you remember that song "High Hopes" where the ant pushes the rubber tree plant?)

    Anyway, about your friend Kelly, have you tried going on facebook and typing her maiden name? I am on facebook with both my maiden and married name and a lot of my high school friends have found me that way.

    Be blessed,


  2. Now I am singing the song again!!


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