Wednesday, November 7, 2012

God has plans for us

This Scripture comforts me in so many ways. It's so reassuring to know that the Lord has plans for me - and you - and that He is in perfect control of everything. This comforts me as we prepare for my son's angiogram on Friday, it comforts me knowing that He is in control of our government and country, that He has plans for my family and me. He gives us hope - real hope - and He gives us a future!

Today we will be going in to the Dr. that is giving my son his angiogram. My son will watch a video about what will happen during his test and what to expect. From there, we go to the hospital to register him and get all his blood work and pre-tests done. Then in the afternoon, we both have a doctor appointment with our pain management doctor. Another full day!

My Bible study last night was amazing. The ladies in my group are such godly women that bring me into an even greater knowledge of God. They share their hearts and each one is so very special to me. I really believe that the Lord put us together and is knitting our hearts together. Every one of them is a sweet friend!

I have several pictures to share from my trip to the big city the other day. I got to go to several favorite places while there and we had a great time. My whole family was able to go and that gets more and more rare as my son's get older. It was such a fun day and every one of us kept saying what a great day we had together and how special it was.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm planning on a quiet day, spent with my family and doggies! I have no idea if there are any plans in the works, but honestly, I'm thinking a quiet day would be nice for all of us. I already got my birthday gift from my husband and my younger son and I'll share pics of those soon.

God bless you - Julie

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  1. Julie, I am praying for your son. May God bless him as he goes through his procedure and quiet your mommy heart as I am sure you will be anxious. May you have a beautiful day and enjoy your Birthday.

    Take care and I'll be watching for updates.
    I have a new blog by the issues...but I am making my new home there.

    Take care,


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