Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

It's been a week of ups and down. I've been dealing with more pain and had a rather bad weekend and Monday. It brings me into a place where I have to either rely and focus on the Lord and focus on Him or I'm mentally doomed. It's hard - I'm not going to gloss it over - but it's what it is and it's a matter of acceptance on these days. It forces me to slow down and rest; to be quiet and do quiet things. To focus on feeling better so I'll have better days.

Here is my list of blessings for this week.

51. I was able to get some things done last week I had been wanting to do. Perhaps I did a bit too much based on my pain now, but it was still a blessing to get it done. I had the help of my oldest son and I'm always so thankful for his help.

52. My sons are such a blessing. My oldest is so very busy but he will always take the time to help us with things we need help with. My youngest son is such an encouragement in all that he does despite his pain. I admire them both greatly and they are definitley on my blessing list always.

53. Our Good Friday services at church were so somber and amazing. It was such a beautiful reminder of what Jesus did for me - for you. It was a huge blessing that my whole family was able to attend together.

54. Something that I thought wasn't a blessing turned out to be a great blessing! We had wanted to have our traditional ham for Easter and when my son went to the store to get a spiral ham, they were out of the ones on sale. He found the half rump hams were on sale and we decided to try it. In my 31 years of marriage, I had never cooked one, but it will definitely be my ham of choice from now on! It was moist, delicious and just amazing. There was so much ham left over that I had one gallon size bag of leftover meat for the fridge and one for the freezer plus the bone with meat left on it for beans! Everyone loved it!

55. I'm thankful for my husband who is sympathetic and understanding about my pain. He never makes me feel bad when I'm in the kind of pain I'm in or that I can't do certain things. He's always willing to pitch in and take care of things and me. I'm blessed!

What are you blessings this week? Please share below on the linky!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Julie I have #53 and #55 as my blessings too. Exactly.
    We are in the process of getting the paperwork in order to see the pain management doctor. Thanks for the encouragement. I tried to see the best one in our state a few months back. He read my records and his receptionist told me he did not feel he could offer me anything new. So he would not be seeing me. It was a GIGANTIC depressor. So your encouragement to try again was at the right time.♥

  2. Hi. My blessings: having attended our Good Friday Service where my husband shared Reflections on one of the 7 Last Words "It is Finished". We also celebrated the Lord's Table. I enjoyed a 4-day rest from work.
    Praying that God will see you through the pain. Linking up again. Hope you find the posts acceptable. Thank you!


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