Saturday, June 28, 2014

Book Review - NIV Integrated Study Bible


More than just a chronological Bible—not only are passages of Scripture arranged in their sequential order, but so also are individual events, and includes multiple interpretations for deeper revelations.
The NIV Integrated Study Bible shows the Bible unfolding in a new way as the landmark events are set in parallel. It’s more than just a chronological Bible—not only are passages of Scripture arranged in their sequential order, but so also are individual events. And multiple interpretations allow for deeper revelations. For instance, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John’s telling of Jesus feeding the 5,000—presented in four columns right next to each other—take on a new life. David’s story about hiding from Saul in the wilderness is paired with the relevant psalms. In this new, hardcover edition, the NIV Integrated Study Bible will prove to be a lasting and invaluable resource for your customers.
Features include:
  • The entire text of the NIV translation with the order of events arranged chronologically
  • General and sectional (e.g., Pentateuch, History, Prophets, Gospels) introductions on chronology and dating, including comparative charts of major systems and schemes
  • Brief commentary in the form of transitions to help navigate the chronology

This is an amazingly wonderful and easy to read Bible that puts the events of Scripture into chronological order so you're reading things as they happened historically.

One of my very favorite features is the timeline at the bottom of each page showing you where in history these events are taking place. I found this extremely helpful and interesting.

For things that happened at the same time, the books are laid out side by side on the page - for instance you'll find 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles together and this really helps you to get the full understanding of what you're reading. The same is done for Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I found this really enriching as you could read the accounts side by side and it was just so helpful and detailed.

There is also a Scripture reference in the back to help you find things easy. I also love the NIV translation as it really is written where anyone can understand it. This Bible would be especially helpful to a new Christian or someone who hasn't really read the Bible before as it lays things out historically and in an understandable way for someone who hasn't really read the Bible before. Although, I would recommend it to anyone as it's a wonderful Bible that will enrich your Bible reading!  I give this Bible 5 out of 5 stars

*This Bible was provided to me for my honest review by BookLookBloggers


Blessings - Julie

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