Friday, October 9, 2015

31 Days of Hope - October 9

Happy is the one whose help is the God of Jacob,
whose hope is in the LORD his God,
Psalm 146:5 HCSB

All of us are looking to be happy. We work toward it - strive toward it - and yet it is elusive. We think if we can just buy that 55" flat screen TV, we'll be happy. If we can go on that vacation to Paris, we'll be happy. We all have those things we tell ourselves will make us happy but then we get these things and, before we know it, we're unhappy again. That's because we can't put our HOPE in things. Things will never make us truly happy and content. 

The only kind of true happiness and contentment that I've found is when my faith and HOPE is in the Lord, Jesus Christ. He brings me the kind of happiness that nothing else has ever given me. Even when I'm in a distressful situation (and I've been in a lot of those - you probably have, too), Jesus gives me a peace and happiness that is really hard to explain.

He is always there to help us, and while the problem we're facing may not go away immediately, we can get through it all with HOPE. In my life, I've lived with and without Jesus. I can tell you that I would absolutely "freak out" when anything difficult came my way when I was without God. There was no contentment or calmness, just fear. What a difference it has made to trust in God. Sure, like everyone else, there will be that initial shock and sometimes a day or two of depression, but it goes away. Before, I would be depressed for weeks on end. With Jesus, there is HOPE and when you have HOPE, you have happiness.

There's nothing wrong with getting that TV set or making that trip to Paris but it's when we put all our HOPE in those things that we can set ourselves up for great unhappiness. Only Jesus can give us the really happiness and joy in our lives that we long for. Happiness, joy and HOPE are sustaining through Him and I'm so thankful for that. Is your HOPE in Him, too?


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