Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Christmas Jesus Calling For Children

Isn't this just the sweetest book? This is a children's board book, which is perfect for little hands, that tells the story of Christmas. You can't tell very well in this picture, but the starry sky behind Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus is glitter. It really captured my attention and I'm sure it definitely would a child.

I love the illustrations in this book! They are so well done and, for me, illustrations either make or break a child's book. These illustrations are just perfect! I absolutely loved every one of them!

Look how lovingly it shows Mary holding Jesus. Oh my hear. I love how all the little animals are up close to get a peek at the Savior. Just too cute!! You can see the Scripture above that references this illustration.

There is also a story boo available that is perfect for older children.  Everything is the same in each book but the story book is a little larger and, of course, has regular paper pages.

Here are more illustrations you will find in these wonderful books.

I just love the reverence they show on the faces of the people around the baby Jesus.

Here we have the grown Jesus with all the little children around him. Again, you can see the love Jesus has for the children and how they are so happy to be with him. It's just delightful!

I love these books and I think the little ones if your life would love them, too! I just love them both and really like that they are made for little ones as well as older children. It's a wonderful way to engage children in the story of Christmas and Jesus. These books get 5 out of 5 stars and I would highly recommend them as Christmas gifts for the children in your life!

*I am a Jesus Calling Ambassador and these books were provided to me by Thomas Nelson.

To purchase the board book you can click on the graphic below

To purchase the story book, you can click on the graphic below

Blessings - Julie

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